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Don't sweat the Technics (SL-1200 MK2)

By Nivag666, 30/06/2016
Would DJing have evolved as it did without this turntable? So many pivotal developments in one unit, from the direct drive motor, the almost instant start time, the pitch control, and even the strobe dots. Stone cold design classic, though pretty archaic now I guess. That hasn't stopped then reissuing it, though I'd rather have a vintage model.

My Trophy Tables (SL-1200 LTD)

By djqbert, 28/09/2016
I'm a collector and these, being the Technics freak I am, are just a must have for my Octagon! The octagon, is like a round table of 8 turntables where my all dj band, the Invisbl Skratch Piklz, can get together and practice routines as we all face each other. I know they made a run of these back in the days and they were glossy black and gold trimmed as well, but without the extra pitch buttons... I only have one of those original tables, so when this 2nd run came out, I had to move fast! I looked on ebay and these things are now like 6k for a new pair! Whew! :8O:

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Technics SL-1200MK2

$557.21 Reverb classified ad