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User reviews on Software dynamic EQ products

Excellent (Brainworx - bx_dyneq v2)

By Cimerian, 23/12/2015
I use it with Cubase 6
Great stability
GUI is large, clear and well readable
The plugin is mouse-controllable
It is not too CPU-hungry
It's really efficient and accurate
It is a multifunction processor including compressor, EQ, De-esser and Boom (Kick)
It brings a real improvement at the mastering stage

The bx_dyneq v2 is a complete dynamic equalizer and compressor.
It doesn't take much time to get used to using it.

A very effective tool. (Voxengo - GlissEQ)

By sound sculpteur, 23/02/2012
The implementation is very easy via an activation code.


Mac osx pro octocoeur lion.

The plugin is well optimized I place it around on my channel strip to perform under Leo.

A few close update the plugin work.


I use it for 6 months.

What I like most is his loyalty and transparency, its ability not too distorted sound even on frequencies adjacent to the treatment. I like the spectrum analyzer.
Real opportunities for awesome sound, particularly interesting electronic sources.
Three algorithms of reaction of eq has combined the dynamic section according to the source.
The dynamic parameter that allows the equalizer to track the movement of the sources.
The kind of thing that analog is not able to do.

I tried the dynamic eq is in tc on PowerCore very good too but only for dsp.

Sonalksis DQ1 (Sonalksis - DQ1 Dynamic Equaliser)

By MGR/mtebaldi, 06/02/2011
Sonalkisis DQ1, as its name might already hint, is a Dynamic Equalizer for sound frequency sculpting. It features almost every single control found on its dynamic equalizer brother, the CQ1, a 4-band selective frequency booster/reducer offering nice presets and precise control. The catch is found on the tiny selector found on each of the 4 bands, a switch from static to dynamic frequency processing.

The DQ1 is priced at $279.99, but is also offered as a package with the CQ1 for a price tag of $449.99

<a href=""></a>

If you already love the CQ1, it is certain you will go crazy for the DQ1. The DQ1 can be easily described as an evolution of the CQ1, not to knock or undervalue its software brother, it just seems DQ1 was designed to deal with more complex tasks. Each of the threshold bands feature two-slider control for low and high values, so you can more precisely assign what frequencies you wants to manipulate. Having two threshold values requires two faders to assign gain. The low-gain parameter sets the filter gain that is active when the audio signal falls below the low threshold. The high-gain sets the
filter gain that is active when the audio signal reaches the high threshold. The tiny switch at the bottom at each gain gives you the power to use the band as a regular, static equalizer, with the option to choose between low or high threshold, or use both simultaneously, creating a dynamic equalization.

I have no negative feedback for the DQ1. Unfortunately it makes me contest the CQ1’s existence.

As with the other Sonalksis software products I own, the DQ1 is a solid plug-in. The knobs and sliders set parameters with precision. No latency, real time graphic monitoring, and a few very useful and powerful presets. It also doesn’t consume almost anything of your RAM.

This a killer tool for enhancing your recordings. It can definitely give them new life. Its simple, clever and powerful features are surely of great use for home and professional studios. If you are debating between CQ1 and DQ1, go ahead for the DQ1. Simplicity can always be handled by complexity, but sometimes is harder to do it the other way around. Or I would just recommend get the Sonalksis Multi-Band Dynamics Pack so you can have both and apply them as you desire.

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