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User Review

Excellent! - Reviews Audix OM11

Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Advanced Users
Micro is the proprietary voice rock, hard rock, clear and guttural singing metal.

Dynamic hypercardioid microphone.

Ps: The price above is in Canadian $ and understands our taxes!


I use it for 7 months, I tried a variety of microphone, shure sm58, beta 58, Sennheiser 935, 945, beyerdynamic, akg Rode etc ...

This is the one I prefer because it is very suitable for my voice is extremely powerful and the style of music that I do is rock, hard rock and metal. It pierces the joint like no other that I have used in the past. I have virtually no adjustment to (eq). This is an Audix therefore regards the rejection is pure happiness.

Personally I find no fault, but it is for the pros you have to sing in the axis at any time or almost and may not be suitable for certain voice

The value for money is excellent choice I would do tomorrow morning.

I use it live or studio and I couple with a Shure SM7B.