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Fender Electric Basses

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Fender Modern Player Jazz Bass & Telecaster Bass Review

Both or Nothing At All When I went to pick up these beauties at AudioFanzine's editorial office, I asked myself how many Jazz and Precision basses I had already reviewed in my life as an editor. From Standard to Deluxe, Vintage, Special and Classic versions, from US to Mexican and Japanese, not to mention the Korean Series and Squier — Fender's offer is very wide and almost confusing. read more…

Fender 60th Anniversary Precision Bass Limited Edition review

Ultrasexy, 60-year Old Lady We don't turn 60 everyday, and we don't always have the opportunity to celebrate the advent of our species to this planet: the "Homo Sapiens Bassistus-Electricus." Although Leo Fender was not the inventor of the electric bass, he found out how to make a great success out of the forgotten concept developed by Audiovox 14 years earlier. And this allowed our favorite instrument to conquer the international music scene to end up in your hands — you lucky, spoiled kids who have been pampered for 60 years. read more…

Fender American Special Jazz Bass & Precision Bass Review

Motorway Exit After the Highway One, updated in 2006, Fender comes back again with new affordable products from its American production center: the revisited versions of the Precision Bass and the Jazz Bass. read more…

User reviews on Electric Basses Fender products

Good craftmanship , bad replica and high price for a so-called signature model (Steve Harris Precision Bass 2015)

By ricken78, 26/04/2017
A beautiful, well-crafted Mexican-made bass.
Very high price for a remote "signature" model.
Indeed, Steve Harris uses a Seymour Duncan Custom Shop SPB1 (500€ in 2002)…
On this model, Fender offers the commercial Steve Harris signature model, which xosts approximately 100 bucks and is nothing but a mere classic SPB1 with slightly enhanced mids.
Harris also uses a Badass II bridge, while this model features a Fender Himass… with a very average sustain!
As for the West Ham model (Harris owns two – one with black/blue/black binding, the other with red/blue/red).
This is important as only that with the red binding features the Fender Precision Bass logo. The other one (with the blue binding) has nothing written on the head.
So, that Fender “replica” is only an average-crafted Mexican bass that they sell at an indecent price so as to make believe it is a perfect replica.
In a word, if you’re a big fan of Harris, do what I did and go for the older Harris signature model, which is closer to “the real thing” with its Badass bridge and SPB3 pickup.

A disappointment (American Special Jazz Bass)

By carimbabar, 19/08/2017
A friend of mine bought it for his home studio, he wanted a basse that would be easy to play so as to play it himself on demos when producing other artists. Considering the Jazz Bass as THE reference for that purpose, he jumped on this model which was available at the nearby shop.
He bought it new for slightly under the 1000€ mark. The model in question is white with a black pickguard and rosewood fingerboard.

Rather on the lightweight side, this bass is well balanced and the neck is pleasant and comfortable to play. However, when you play in unplugged you notice a lack in volume and a rather unpleasant, twangy sound. OK, it’s not plugged in yet, but you’d expect a certain “bare” sound quality from a passive bass at that price. Well, that’s not the case so you’ll have to depend on the pickups, which do manage to compensate a bit yet can’t do miracles.

Technically, I must admit this US Fender doesn’t give me the same feelings that other instruments from the same range that I’ve tried did. I even find it less charm than a Mexican model and a less convincing look compared to a made-in-Asia “Classic Vibe” one (which is way less expensive)! I won’t even bother comparing it to my ’71 Jazz Bass, and I tell myself that for the same price you’d get a much better instrument from other brands.

I’d already been disappointed with recent Fender instruments, and i feel that the brand has its customers play lottery for getting a great instrument from them, and that’s a real pity.
I’m sure you can find American Special instruments that sound amazing, but that’s not the case of this one, which is a little so-so considering the price.

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[NAMM] Steve Harris signs a Precision Bass

Published on 01/24/15
Among the new products showcased at the Fender booth at NAMM 2015, you’ll find a new Steve Harris Signature Precision Bass.

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