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User Review

Thibault des Walker Texas Bang Bang's review - Ibanez EDA900

This bass was offered to my father by my predecessor to 790 euros I think, 3 years ago, it would have almost never been used. Reasonable price for a low "pro".

Well, it's an interim opinion.


There's not a tripadicerter, it is designed to be ergonomic, very good balance, great sitting or standing. A pre-amp that responds well. Active Electronics.


The strings are probably too old (3 years):

The sound for the time I was not too convinced.
The slap made fart noises.

Provisional opinion surely I will change completely the view when it has been readjusted and I changed the strings.

Reissue recent, still not set, trying a lot of bass, I realized the sound quality of this low, very round, very very jazzy. Waww. Infact missing that I do adjust, and I change the strings and I pensse that this low will be a marvel.


Soon I will give you an opinion. For now the noise level I remain perplexed. I do not know or may not feel good métériel.
Change of rope, and rereglage! ! and turning knob!
Infact this bass is great because of its versatility makes it a lot of things, and she does it well! same fabulous! Jazz fusion as round, Juska line type hard rock bass Ronnie James Dio (ultra other metals present in the right direction!) Should have all this low, a condition turning a little knob and Feel his amp! I'm really on the ass!

anyway: I find this low perssonellement visually awful! Despite many people's conplimente, perssonellement I prefer a good old Jazz bass with Ash veneer sober! that's all! I put a very nice nine because I am still shocked by the price of musical instruments in general ...