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User Review

Korg591986's review - Peavey Dyna Bass FT

Value For Money : Excellent
Everything has been said before, go ahead see previous opinion!


The handle is fine enough to play alone. Access to acute piece of cake.
The bass is light and well balanced, no worries. I always play up, and I can stay that way very long!
The only problem with me the strings are far enough from the handle, so you have large fingers to crush enough. Otherwise it's a little curl on the first Mi freight, nothing nasty.
For a beginner bass player, it is to make his weapons of this type of instrument because once, when one has in hand a less harsh bass is a joy ...

The possibilities of its still rather limited. We can still move from its very dull jazz rather something more rough to punk or metal. For the price, it offers versatility is nice.


Due to its relative versatility, this bass suits me because I play all styles of music (blues, jazz, rock, punk ..). It supports very well the mediator and the game to the fingers. For cons, I find it hard to slap, perhaps because of the height of the strings precisely. Finally it is a problem that can be adjusted ...
My personal love sounds good deaf and round, and with an amp worthy of the name, this will give you lower it without worries.

Cepeda, for a little over 200 euros, do not expect miracles, it's not a Fender or Music Man typed ... but the price / quality ratio is very much to meet you.


I use this bass for 9 months, this is my first.
I like the jaws of the table, it was electric blue in the face frankly.
I tried a Cort twice as expensive to acquire this low before, and frankly not at all it was worth the price difference!
With experience, given the budget I had, I would do without this choice problem. I'm having with this first purchase.

I highly recommend for those who want to start the bass without breaking the bank!