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User Review

Jazzstang's review - Peavey Dyna Bass FT

Value For Money : Excellent
Likelihood manufactured in United States, proudly boasts of its 24 bte its cargo Bolt rglage 2 tone 2 volume, the original pickups sound good trs. Short for the price, even if a n'gale not good luthier bass, good bass Peavy's pure!


The handle is fine and enjoyable (I am not a big fan of heat, he looks like a can that of my Charvel.), And all cargoes are aisments accesible!
The ergonomics are excellent standing as sitting, it is easy to jump with both feet by not holding the strap that thanks, and you can lev both hands like a winer without it slumps ! And the sound ... Peavy is ben im the ... I LOVE!


For my rock band, the silent perfect for resumption of merger is excellent for the large metal slap well, although it gives a tap of her sick, she tolerates the effects pedals, rare this kind of low, I test the transistor and the Peavy wilson lamp with guitar effects pedals (zoom, digitech or boss and even with my cry baby was given) and GT-6B Boss that gives excellent sound from the capacity of the pedals!
Sound can pass the clear and crystal-clear with a thick rope and rglage means, and can quickly get to the other ct of force by taking finer strings as I used the slap her almost alone, and the sound of thunder as a slap t!
I love his big sound, and frankly it will take it any style without complex!


I have been using prs a year, I love his sound and dynamic among all the ones I test with a budget of 350 euros new, it has a thousand times surpass the others! This is the best quality price I found!
I would do without this choice problem a thousand times if he had to, unless I have a 1000 budget in euros, the level I would look at it ...
The only BMOL is that it is not active, parcqu'avec potatoes of the instrument, the same pramplifi give something sick, but with a GT-6B, it is excellent !