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Returnee to the world of drumming - forum Electronic Drum Kit

When I was in college, I was in a band and you've probably guessed it by now - I was a drummer. However, I haven't played for years now. Some of my mates recently suggested to start a band, just for our own amusement, so now I'm in the market for a decent drum kit, since who knows where my old is :(
Well, things have changed a lot since I played in college, I must admit. There are much more variety regarding the gear and accessories, that I just don't know where to begin :P I used to play accustic drum set, but I'd like to try electronic one this time, for several reasons.
Well, as I understood, Roland is quite a name nowadays, so I've been looking at this particular set, and I'd be very grateful if maybe users of this kit could share a few words of wisdom about it.
Thanks guys for your kind relpies.
Glad to hear you've decided to start playing again! I can't give you any specific feedback on the kit that you link to, but Roland is certainly one of the leading electronic drum makers, so you can assume you'll get your money's worth. That said, I would recommend that you try out several different electronic kits before buying, to see the differences between manufacturers and price ranges. In addition, you should compare the feel with an acoustic kit. You're going to find the difference is quite big. Some drummers are fine with the feel of an electronic kit, while others just don't feel comfortable playing them. Hopefully somebody reading this has experience with the specific kit you mention, and can give you feedback on it. Good luck!!

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