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A must have

By Jumikael, 03/07/2012
This is a pedal preamp analog. It can also serve as an od / crunch / distortion. Solid and well built.


The settings are very sensitive, numerous, relevant. A great success because the palette of sounds that one can have is just enormous.


I can not be noted by comparing an amp HIWATT original because I have not had a chance to try. But mashed potatoes, what does it sound good! What I find with this pedal: fun. I had previously had other SansAmp (old), and I like more the new series even if it is less versatile because each focused on one type of sound.


I've had it 6 months, I had to sell all my belongings. Some are highly sought after by a lot of pedal-freaks on AF and elsewhere. But I kept my SansAmp :)

My Holy Grail?

By Exceed, 02/07/2012
Regarding features, everything has already been said, see the previous notices.


I emphasize the sensitivity of knobs, which cover a range of sounds quite impressive. The possibilities are immense ... Note that if you touch the button character, you have to adjust the drive, then necessarily the volume or balance frequencies.
It is not necessarily easy to make a quick adjustment, it is necessary to tweak a little. Therefore requests that pedal a certain period of adaptation, but it is a real treasure. Nothing is useless here.


This is what I was looking for my Telecaster, so it's always beautiful ;-)

Actually, I was looking for the "compression" lights including my sounds clear / slight crunch in arpeggios. I have a tube amp (Fender Deville Loadbox Koch), but in this register it was missing a more brit, without necessarily going to shine Vox.

It is something gained, at least with the simulation Fane engaged, because I have not had a chance to test it again, without the simulator.


I bought 10 days ago, but I'm so glad that I made a small demo here:

Material I have some (reasonably, is Assistant Treasurer Mrs. permanent member of the supervisory board at home ...), and this is the first time I really want to give my opinion on AF.

I think that there is no hesitation to have this pedal, it will also perhaps not the only series to join my pedalboard.

And yes I put my 10 everywhere, the day I have a Custom Jimmy Reeves, perhaps I will stoop down notes ;-)

The best of the series

By Virtual Decadence, 28/10/2011
Like all the series of Character Series Tech21 and all Samsamp is pure analog.

It consumes current slab (ie stack).

This pedal is part of the second generation of the CS with a switch to disengage the simulation of HP when used with an amp.


This is my 4th Character Series and the buttons are always the same:

- Three knobs for EQ
- An input level
- A drive
- Character and magic knob that lets you choose the signature modeling. so we here in the history of Hiwatt amps (ie The Who, Pink Floyd, but also much of the current British rock including Franz Ferdinand and Arctic Monkeys).

The small form still provides examples of sounds to boot. But when it's used, we do not need fast.
The knobs on Character otute the series is chronological: before 12am, you are in a more vintage (and more usable clean), you are at home to 12 Gilmour and after the 70's with Pete Townsend (or Entwhistle)


Agree with my friend Walkeur.

When you can not afford to buy a Custom 50, this pedal is ideal.

Of course, like any model, is approached her and especially her "snapshots." There was no equivalent of the original in all its finesse.

Anyway: The clean is really great, the crunch too.
And it fits perfectly with my distos, big muff, overdrive and boost.

I wanted to clean the sound of this guy:
... with a Vox amp like him and even Duesenberg. Ben this is done. just for that, already I am completely satisfied. But I think config home studio, I will use as its crunch (on stage I leave it clean).

OK it distorts the original sound of the Vox completely but who cares. It's been a wider range of sound.


As mentioned earlier I had 3 before this: the British (excellent), the Blonde (because eventually sold the Fender sounds less interested) and VT Bass is always on when I play the bass.
But the disengagement of the simulation of HP makes all the difference (the premièes did not have that option, they have the latest models in V2).
It's always very successful. No complaints.

I had tried to show the music (and Walkeur) so I knew what to expect signature sound. So the choice was an informed choice.

For the sound I want is for me the best of the series. But it is a matter of taste.

And of course the day I have the budget to buy a real amp Hiwatt, we'll talk.

Definitely a fan of Tech 21.


By walkeur, 22/09/2011
I'll let you read the opinion of D_lex


Very easy to understand.
I just preferred to have the input power supply at the top of the pedal, not on the side, it's too boring in a pedal board; m'enfin most brands do the same ...

For now I use a Power Engine 60 Tech21 home, waiting to have a real tube amp. But already it's a hit though.

When I do not want to disturb the ptite family, I plugged into the sound card, and I play with headphones, it's just bluffing.

All the configs that I used so far have required that I keep the switch HP Simulation enabled. So I do not know what happens with the switch off, plugged into a real amp.


I confirm the opinion of D_lex

Whether it's with my custom shop relic strat 60, my Ibanez AS103, my bass! and I even tried with my electro Martin, it sounds great.

In clean: good clean which agrees very well with all the pedals I've tried, distortion, delay, modulation, compressor ...

In crunch: it's easy for me, Marshall is runny, it's garish Vox, Fender is ugly ... There, playing on the EQ you get super easy to get sounds that somewhat resemble each style, but mostly it was the Hiwatt crunch, which abandons any band, whether it's the bass, midrange, or treble, really great. The day I changed the amp to a tube amp, I will use this pedal to make me a channel crunch!

In disto: bah it's a distortion amp, it is not I find the pedals (rat, muff, fuzz ...) but the sound is still very good.

With the bass: either you can have a great sound and very clean with good bass, decreasing the treble. If not by connecting a low precision, and adding a bit of character and drive you directly to the Floyds live at pompei, exquisite!

Since it is not a programmable pedal, change the settings each time you want to change the sound unthinkable live. I rule in very light crunch, lowering the volume of the stratum 8, I find myself with a clean. If I want to slap it in chords, I turn to volume 10 of the stratum, and against the ca-note limit remains clean. Superb. For distos, I have my pedals.


It's been a year now I have. I am more than happy.

I have not tried the other models in the series, because from everything I could listen on the net, that's really what kind of sound I was looking for, and I really was not disappointed .

What I like most: the sound of course!
What I like least: frankly, apart from the scope of input power supply ... I'm still looking

Indeed, a head Hiwatt Custom 7 it cost 1300th. A 195euros pedal, the price / quality ratio is excellent.

Unless you have a team of roadies and full of dough, I would do what ever choice!
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News Leeds

[NAMM] Tech 21 SansAmp Leeds

Published on 01/17/10
Tech 21 is showing a new pedal, the SansAmp Leeds.

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