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It rocks

By marcan71, 01/06/2014
One volume control and two internal EQ switches only.
Analog, true bypass, based on the mythical echoplex preamp.


Incredibly easy to use.


It rocks as soon as you plug in: It boosts sound while adding definition in the high and low end. With my Tele AVRI 52 and the neck pickup or in the middle position, the ep booster really shapes sound and highlights everything I like, be it with the clean or the crunch channel of my Tubemseister.


I bought it to raise the volume during solos but, in the end, it's always active.
Given the sound quality, it's an excellent value for money, I would buy it again without hesitation.

le reverend's review

By le reverend, 06/02/2014
Booster with the characteristics of the preamp EP-3 (no echo, eh.) Very small box, standard power supply, a large button, a switch and pissétou.


No need to book in for me. there would be internal dipswitches with an effect on the outcome (!), but personally, I not see much use in my use, very basic.


Excellent sound reproduction.
I do not know how it feels but it goes the sound by adding the frequencies it takes to get out of the mix when solo significantly and music. This is exactly what I wanted to box, and it does masterfully.
Note that the beast has a hearty reserve dB more, more than I need anyway.
Nothing more to add


Used for a few weeks on my pedalboard, I was looking for a simple and musical booster.
I knew the Xotic RC Booster also that I thought I could use it in the context of a boost for solos but not enough for me nia, the RC will remain a buffer on my bp, or luxury, but not for solos.
I liked the simplicity of the EP Booster, immediate and without side headlock with a certain sound quality. To pierce the mix of the group at the right time, just press the right time on the switch, that's all!
Expensive for a booster, but Xotic is expensive on all its effects, I do not regret my money yet: like other Xotic in my possession, I think it will remain long on the pedalboard. It is an investment

Small but mighty

By iggy25, 19/05/2013
Reissue the echoplex
A simple boost or so.
20 db reserve (plenty)
2 internal mini switch: the first offers 3 db or 0 with the pedal set mini and the second acts as a tremble booster.
The size of the pedal is ridiculous that provides space on the pedal board but with the risk that it passes through the rails for those who have a beautiful metal holder with velcro ...


I put 10 because I did not want a boost with EQ or too gadget my basic sounds suited me very well.
Pass the test with or without switches, there are more than to support and allow the soloist to express themselves (even if it is not the only possible use ...)

(I can repeat that use a booster involves playing on lamps amps.)


Whether with or without shaking boost the sound is there. It is even magnify by this little box ... Hence a certain dilemma.
At first I not understand the interest of 3 db switch when the pedal is set to mini ... In the end it turns out great fun with this setting it seems to restore the body to clear, make it sing. And yet I play a Fender Vibrolux which is not bad in the register ...
Short 2 uses seems interesting. On the one hand, a "boost" subtle light or Crunch. On the other hand, a powerful boost to sing with sustain amps in stock.


Value for money at the rendezvous. For those who want a boost without too many gadgets but does the job with a light color that gives banana every time then go for it.
Too bad the mini switches are not in frontage (especially aspen following booster that used the guitar is very nice)

Really good!

By ozzyozburne, 24/04/2013
It is a clean boost small-scale, supply by battery or transformer 9 to 18v (I fed with a very good Burkey-in 18v power supply), negative center, classic anything.
Mine is white, limited edition of 1000 pieces.
Super strong, the pedal is, for its size, rather heavy, which reassures its strength. It is very stable.
The printed circuit board is clean and seems strong.


A knob for adjusting the intensity of the effect, a switch. By removing the front, unscrew 4 screws, it was access to two mini switches on / off: 3 db and treble boost, the effect seems limited (we say subtle to be nice ...).
Well, I have the screwdriver to gain access to these two settings, the price of the compactness of the pedal.
I leave everything to "on". One branch, we play the knob more or less on fiddle (not in course of course ...). I leave between 3 and 2 half / next guitar.


It's a great pedal, simply, I can compare it with the MXR micro amp, the clean boost DIY I last few years, I had the malmsteen dod, and probably others I have sold and zapped ...
Set to 1 1/3, it is very subtle, very nice as on clear, crunch or full. Beyond the set, I feel like pushing the power amp of my amp to 8: the sound is bigger (not more saturated, or very little), fuller, with more harmonics also without distorting . For those who know, there is a little feel of a JCM800 good time to 7 to master when guys premises repeats next ask you to come down ... "Yes, but it is the right sound ... but yes-you-drops stp ... ok ..." Compared to other clean boosts mentioned above, it is more gradual in the beginning of the race knob, and much more powerful at the end of the race.
Cà swells sound very musical way, quite simply, it is a real achievement for me. I play on a Soldano SP77 preamp or EVH head.


Just bought it, I used this effect (clean boost) that I like. It really is better than the models I mentioned. Super pedal. The only "fault", the mini switches inconvenient access, if RAS. Pedal-given not given, but great effect, although made, and the current high resale value very good Q / P for me.
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