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User Review

Silence is golden ... - Reviews Mad Professor Forest Green Compressor

This is a compressor / analog sustaineur with three knobs of adjustment (Level, Tone and Comp) and a mini-toggle switch to switch between the affine and sustaineur compressor, a jack in and out a footswitch jack " true-bypass "all powered by battery or mains 9 to 18 volts.
And of course made entirely by hand, as directed by Bjorn Juhl Forstarker Elektronik ...!

"BJF design" a term that speaks volumes .....

BJFE, for those who do not know, this is all simply the best pedals in the world and it is not me who says ... Snapped against them by the price of gold saw their rarity and their sound qualities.
Just for example:

Starting price 800 Dollars
Or even crazier:

Price: 2850 Dollars!!!


Nothing too complicated or .... one branch and plays ... Note that this compressor can be either installed before or after the overdrive and various distos for a different and very musical.


What is striking in the first place, it is silent when it is used, even when the knob "comp" is back.
The pumping effect is very effective, it outperforms all other brands including the Keeley comp which is a reference in this field and function sustaineur is devilishly effective as it is a terrible Booster for distos or even simply scream your lamps .... Function tone filled his role well and also keeps the "foil" which is not a foregone conclusion with a compressor pedal size ... Note that this is also a pedal that works perfectly on the Bass ..


It must be 4 or 5 years that I used mainly boost and silence is really copy its major asset, the result is clean sound excellent too ... The two functions are very well met. this is a must
Just a little regret is not being able to use both functions at the same time the pedal via a footswitch for the adjustment must be repeated for each switch function (including the volume), but there is really to quibble ^ ^ ...
In any case I do not regret the money put into this pedal and I would do the same again ... today!

Note that there are two versions: the "handmade" crazy price generally found at 345 euros, which is a nice amount, but for this specific model, it is worth it because it is by far the best compressor pedal format market ...
The other model is the "Factory Made" which is much less expensive (195 euros anyway) but I do not know but all performance evidence, such a price difference must be understood and I have read here and there, for the same price (about 200 euros) is not the best on the market but that I can not personally testify.