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User Review

Pretty good compressor, not my favorite - Reviews Mad Professor Forest Green Compressor

- CB version

- Switch between compression and sustain setting

- Controls for volume, compression, tone

- Powered by 9v battery of regular boss style adapter

- Pretty neatly wired, seems stable.

- Solid enclosure


Pretty straightforward to compressor to use. Tone, volume, and compression controls are all pretty basic.

The problem is the way the controls change completely between the compression and sustain modes. It becomes a completely different pedal, and its very difficult to keep a similar sound between the two.

My other complaint is how difficult it was to dial in a transparent tone on the pedal.

The paint is a lot more sturdy then the original BJFE pedals, but still pretty easy to chip.


Its alright. I found it a little noisy for a high end compressor, especially compared to the original BJFE Pine Green Compressor or the much cheaper Diamond.

In terms of actual compression, it did a pretty good job on the compression side. It just didn't add the character or clarity I was looking for.

The sustain side is a pretty cool feature, and one I'd never seen before. It basically leaves the attack intact but draws out the decay. Could be very useful for a metal guitarist looking for more sustain but without any squish.


To be honest, I just wasn't that impressed with this one. I tried it alongside a PGC and Diamond, and have used numerous other compressors in the past.

The actual compression and sustain sounds, once dialed in, where pretty good. But it was just annoying to dial in and didn't really add the character I was looking for.

At $200 new, its not a bad compressor. But honestly, I would pass, and there is no way I'd shell over $350-400 for the hand wired version. If you can afford an original BJFE Pine Green Compressor, they are fantastic. As as of May 4th, 2011, the crazy ebay prices seem to be dropped. On more of a budget, I would recommend the Diamond compressor which is fantastic.