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MXR CSP202 Custom Comp

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The New Standard!

By theedge73, 17/10/2010
MXR compressor

- Volume One
- A Sense (compression level)
On the interior:
- A knob for the Attack
- A knob TRIM frequency drives to the beach compress

Dtails the killing:

Aeronautic aluminum case, ultra Lger (the heavier the battery is ...)
Resumed knobs phosphorescent
flake white paint
Jack Sheets Premium


can be a little knobs on the internal tank but in the end it is quite intuitive because they are strong and specific on. Once one has found the rglage us is, we rarely return it. The freaks have rglages prfr mini knobs on it, but people who prefer to play love this cot "BOOTIK" as our friends say ricanos.

The rglage Volume / signification is the same as a Dynacomp:
Sense-RULES compression level of 0 super sustain without the breath of the standard Dynacomp ... some find it "pump" a little sound, quite pronounced caractristique Compressor s MXR ..
The volume-gard his legendary MXR rglage that "magnifies" the sound:
0db 24:00 / Attnuation below / Clean boost over ... I Adore ...

-Attack is conventional but very effective, neutral slamming
-Trim adjusts a "color" compression Manir very professional, very crystalline compression and has a funky very severe compression and roots and


Transparent Music.
Very quiet.

Versatile, a neutral and discreet rglage compression boosts and type, everything is possible.


I have been playing 15 years on a Dynacomp I am a huge fan and any other compressor in the range 100/200 taste had found my ears all this time ...

It's like a Dynacomp in:

-2x more expensive ...

IF you're not a fan of the MXR cuts you deu as it is in line, otherwise you'll love this custom shop version PERFECT.

Report qualitprix unbeatable: 140 in Europe / USA 100. The price is justified by the quality standard of the product.

I am the first to leave a comment on a product that will undoubtedly become the new references of compressors ...

Excellent compressor

By dyrdyr, 06/10/2012
Effect with analog chip CA3080 that was in the old Dynacomp and gave them their sound so beautiful ... It is found in égalemenbt Dynacomp reissue mxr but had the good idea to add an input for external power supply and two small internal knobs to customize your settings according to your taste. Brief given to the best taste of the day. In addition the box is beautiful (white glitter).


Config simple enough, it is only a little more time for internal knobs. I would have preferred two more external knobs for attack frequencies and compressed.


So it's simple was rediscovered his instruments with the compressor which is I think is quite transparent. On a clear telecaster is fantastic (the rest too). You can attack without problem casseroles, chicken pickin if you want ...


Very good compressor for my taste at the old original Dynacomp. Can be more (finally) on a plug adapter (type boss) and adjust some settings than others Dynacomp do not. There is more than internal to the knobs on the outside and it will be perfect. But this does not put you off, there was one of the best compressors on the market, and the price, even though it may seem high, is really justified with regard to product quality and the pleasure it provides. It is also one of my favorite effects on my pedalboard well supplied.

For beautiful pedalboard .. he must ...

By frednicol, 20/06/2013
Achetter shop in the advantage if the seller is nice: Power 6 pedals try compression in a soundproof room. In fact, the compression is subtle; EVERY pedal has a grain and a particular color.

This MXR me and this is one of the purest I tried .. No noise on the line when it comes into action, the MXR comp from home is a red interference of folly by the electronic board is not at all the same ..


Fender Tele 52 and HOTROD
That slap funk or in a phone dial you set off on cuts to the redhot ..




More than recommandable.Un flagship product and very easy no-brainer, we can finally take his guitar to make adjustments without 200000 before playing ..

Excellent (but that's normal: it is a MXR!)

By Linn Sondek, 30/11/2013
Here is a well endowed with compressor since it has four settings:
2 External: output level and compression level
2 internal: attack level and level compressed frequency

This is a stamped "Custom Shop" with the famous chip CA3080, rare musical hyper release. The effect is as usual in analog MXR, and fits in a beautiful and sturdy white box dimensions, too, usual brand. Feeding can be done in two ways: internally by 9v battery or external AC transformer.
Full pedal, therefore.


When we know what we are looking to obtain any effect adjusts quickly and easily. The compressor is perhaps an exception to this rule. And all its settings will show numerous and sensitive.
The CSP202 with 4 settings require a little time and attention tests. And depending on the desired result (a homogeneous sound rhythmic or sustain long solo, for example), it will adapt these settings. But for everyone here, it remains obvious, of course!


I play Les Paul and various combos and heads (see my gear for more info).

The sound quality is at the rendezvous, as always with MXR brand that I love.
In the range of compressor (MXR and proposes 4), it shows the most transparent and offer the best level of output. It is also the quietest, insofar TRIM is adjusted delicately. Because if the parameter is pushed, the sound distorts and unless voluntarily seek such an effect that distorts the desired result.
I most often use this type of pedal to smooth my distortions and improve sustain. With its quiet operation and its neutrality, Custom Comp perfectly fulfills this role. But I prefer the version of Vintage Reissue Dyna Comp to sustain longer and more typical warm sound for solos. In his clear arpeggio, the Custom Comp wins just by its transparency.


I have 4 MXR compressors and my preference is therefore to reissue Vintage Dyna Comp. Provided that I use the compressor especially solo and grain and sustain the Reissue suit me more. Rhythmic arpeggios or clean sound, the trend reverses and then I recommend the Custom Comp does wonders for his neutrality in these scenarios.
In all cases, MRX offers, once again, a foot high sound quality and workmanship. Made in USA, as always for MXR Custom Comp is the proven effective, musical, complete and versatile for a price, in the end, quite reasonable and incommensurate with the abuses practiced by the manufacturers of "boutique".
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  • Category:Compressors/Sustainers for Guitar
  • Added in our database on: 08/26/2010

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