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Fulltone reworks the Echoplex EP-3

Last year, Fulltone relaunched the Tube Tape Echo ; one year later, he introduces a solid-state version inspired by the Echoplex EP-3.

With the Solid State Tape Echo, Fulltone aims at fixing some of the defaults found on the Echoplex EP-3, including the high level of hum.

The device that will be built in a suitcase, will only be only a third of the original size and will use a 1/4“ tape and a Fulltone ETC-1 cartridge.


  • Input impedance: 1.1 MOhms
  • Output impedance: 10 kOhms
  • True bypass switch
  • 2 tape speeds and a moveable playback head, which allows for creating effects ranging from Plate reverb emulation to slapbacks and up to 1 second delays
  • 2 preamp modes: EP-3 mode identical to the TIS58 JFET circuit of the first version of the Echoplex, with a slight cut in the low-end and a slight boost in the highs ; or Full mode
  • Separate echo and instrument (up to 10 dB of clean boost) volumes
  • Echo repeat control up to self-oscillation
  • Echo Highs tone switch that only affects repeats. with a choice of Vintage (original) or Brilliant (more overtones and highs) modes
  • Record level control
  • Relay-activated footswitchable Echo Cancel if you use the optional Fulltone Echo Cancel footswitch

The Solid State Tape Echo will start shipping in March. It is handbuilt in the Fulltone Custom Shop, the manufacturer announces that only 10 to 12 units will be available each week. Pricing is $799 and you’ll find more information at