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User Review

zonzonzon's review - Boss BF-3 Flanger

flanger is a cheap boss.
it's digital (versus BM-2, which is analog).
connectivity: a guitar input, low input, and a mono output for the stereo.
the pedal has 4 knobs, giving a double, including a notched offer 4 modes, so a lot of possibilities in sound.
convenient size (compared to my big muff 3X bigger!)

10/10 very good dear boss;)


I use it on my bass.
the manual is in English but is quite comprehensive and offers factory settings.
I use it in the end just loop my Advent chorus (CE-5 gift I leave a review minutes ago).

10/10 SAR's all good;)


well then, wow! the effect is really great!
the possibilities of sound sounds very broad, and we feel the difference between the 4 different modes that ofrent possibilities:

-Normal: A normal flanger, very pretty.
Ultra-mode: flanger longer present, a bit intrusive but totally usable.
-Mode gate / pan: this closer to a tremolo, very pretty.
Momentary-mode: normal flanger works is that it remains apuilé pedal, very convenient.

tap tempo is also very practical and can synchronize the effect with the song.
in short, a very good pedal that has spawned boss;)

with a distortion / fuzz like big muff, it sounds really great!

EDIT 20/03/2010: mode gate / pan, tap tempo pedal is saturated! I does not take away points because I hardly use this mode but must be reported.

10/10 is really good.


I have been using 2h intensive and I am very happy.
I have nothing ésailler Advent to buy it.
I paused on the pedal, really everything.
the quality / price is EXCELLENT in my opinion. really happy with my purchase.
I like: sound, size, but made ^ ^
flanger versatile and beautiful. for 109 euros, it's really perfect!
Yes, I will ever really no choice problem is a really good flanger to me (maybe not organic assai, but ...)
one caveat: the pedal is ULTRA greedy! it's been barely a week since I have stacks and its already almost dead! therefore a good power supply is required!

7 / 10 a near flawless, very good pedal. hallucinate but the consolidated stack! (Yes I did unplug the jack;)) therefore only 7