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User reviews on Korg Kaoss products

Y^tek's review (Korg - Kaoss Mixer 2)

By Y^tek, 10/09/2003
Not rack-mountable, it has a somewhat "mixed" format, but anyway...
2 lines, 2 phonos, 1 mic (on the rear), two outputs with independent volume controls (which is great), and a nice and very effective ultra-boost button (to amplify the low frequencies).

The connector for the deck's ground feels a bit crappy at first, but you get used to it.

High/Mid/Low for each channel + a gain control. The EQs reduce the level quite heavily (you can almost mute a sound entirely by setting the three EQ bands to the minimum!)

Built-in multi-effects (a KAOSS PAD 2 within a mixer. I love it!).
30 second sampler (four customizable samples).

BPM counter (for those who use it).

So, 9/10 due to the crappy ground connector (I would've given it 9.5).


It's really easy to understand. Mine didn't come with a manual (but you can download it from their website).

The manual covers a lot of topics, but it's well organized.


High output level and very good effects (I'm repeating myself).


I've had it for two years and don't regret my purchase at all!
It only lacks a third channel to be the perfect tool!

Decent value for money (I got it for 550 euros, 300 cheaper than announced!).


Unbelievable price for what you get (Korg - Kaossilator)

By James..., 13/10/2011
Programs: 100
Program Categories: "NOTE" Sound = LEAD: 20, ACOUSTIC: 10, BASS: 20, CHORD: 10 "SE" Sound = SE: 20 "DRUM" Sound = DRUM: 10, DRUM PATTERN: 10
Musical Scale Patterns: 31
Key Range: ±12
Types of Gate Arpeggiator: 50
Connectors: LINE OUT jacks (RCA phono jacks), PHONES jack (Stereo mini phone jacks)
Sampling Frequency: 48kHz
DA Conversion: 24-bit Linear
Power Supply: four alkaline AA (LR6) batteries (6 V)
Battery Life: approximately 5 hours (with alkaline batteries)
Included Items: Owner's Manual, parameter sheet, 4 AA "test" batteries
Dimensions (W x H x D): 4.17" x 1.14" x 5.08" (106 x 29 x 129mm)
Weight (without batteries): 5.43 oz. (154 g)
Options: DC4.5V AC adapter (sold separately)


I play sythms/samples/beats for a pop/indie style band from time to time. It's something different from my usual jobs of guitar/producing. I really have a lot of fun doing this and I'm always on the lookout for new toys to use. I already own a few Korg products including the original Kaoss pad. I decided to get this just to see what I could do with it. The best part about these units is that you don't need a computer to make it work, which is a must for times when you don't have a laptop or yours goes down. Sure it doesn't have a keyboard but the patterns and scales make that an unneeded accessory. It's made to work on its own and it doesn't really integrate well with other units.


I've got to admit, this is a really fun thing to play with but in a real musical situation it can quickly become a headache. It's pretty limited out of the gate. Short looping, no sync ability, and the sounds that come stock are all you get. Kinda lame. It is really easy to use, however there isn't much depth to what you can do with it since it can't sync. The sounds are pretty decent on their own. Some are duds, but every unit is going to have that problem. Overall you get what you pay for in sounds.


Here's the bottom line. I can't really use this at a big show because it can't work with other gear. If I have a quick gig and no way to transport my usual synth rig, I can use this thing in a tight minute for most applications and some quick acting to go with it. For emergencies it's kind of a life saver although I've been in that situation before and I'll usually just spring for a Kaoss pad or even a micro korg or something. This is more like a second option, to be truthful. The real shame is how much better this unit could be if it had one or two extra features. But the fact that it doesn't really reduces it to more of a toy than an instrument. Still I have had a lot of fun with it, even though it's never helped me much in the professional sense.

Korg Kaossilator Phrase Synth (Korg - Kaossilator)

By MGR/Jeremiah the Jingle Man, 01/11/2009
Square unit with touchpad. I play a little bit of everything, but not good at anything, haha. I'm pretty creative though, so this unit helps me throw some tracks down to really juice up my tunes.

I wanted something to really add some pizazz to my recordings. Korg had this product out there and for $199, I loved the ability to slide out some synth tones just using my hands.

There are a hundred presets, and tons of gate arpeggios for developing loops and patterns. Just using your finger to build your sounds is just the coolest things and makes adding some zap to your recordings just amazing fun.

In my opinion the battery could last a little longer.

Seems constructed well. I've not really subjected it to too much, though.

If you can find this under two hundred, I think it's highly worth it. Check around on ebay or Craigslist and get one used. I think the MSRP is two fifty, but you can find it cheaper. Korg did a nice job making the Kaossilator fun. It sounds pretty good too!

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Tons of effects and they are all usable (Korg - Kaoss Pad 3 KP3)

By JimboSpins, 25/10/2012
The Korg KP3 KAOSS Pad will allow you to edit your sounds in real time with X/Y controls, it has 128 programs and you can sample right on the Korg KP3 KAOSS Pad. It has some really good effects that come stock on it, and for 330 USD makes it a must have for a DJ. There are a number of effects that are tempo based which has really helped me out during a live performance. You can also use the Korg KP3 KAOSS Pad as a MIDI controller.


The Korg KP3 KAOSS Pad does provide a nice and rather cool visual to it when you are using it, if you are using it in a live setting in a club or darker venue it will look pretty cool and even the people around you will feel the same way.


The Korg KP3 has 128 powerful sounding effect programs; it has all of the basic effects like reverb, delays, flangers and others. But it also has some really new and surprising effects like the analog filter and tone building drive circuit.


The Korg KP3 KAOSS Pad is well built; it has everything you need for a live show. The built in vocoder is awesome for all of your vocal effects. If you are in need of a machine that will give you full control and a bunch of FX’s then this is what you need. I have been using the Korg KP3 KAOSS Pad for over a year now and I use it at every single show that I do. It has become one of the main focal points of my setup. It is portable and very stable, it only weighs a couple pounds and it comes with a protective sheet for the touch pad. If you take care of this unit it will last you a long time and you will have no issues with it.

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