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By bhouver, 08/09/2014
're all already said


1 year

Before I tried: AT4033 AKG C451 Oktava MK12

I hesitated before investing in the AT4047. These are the opinions of Backle that made me switch and I thank him.
I record vocal ensembles and I'm overwhelmed with the result. With similar sets as a singer, I had participated in recordings made by pros and I was always disappointed by the sound. With the 4047 I finally heard what I dreamed ... presence, a dynamic, smooth ... Fabulous. You can hear samples on
or search my name (bruno Houver). All that is 2014 is recorded with a pair of 4047 before it's 4033. I used a screen to reduce the return from the rear, the acoustics of the place is weird.
The voices are perfectly restored, never garish but with all the details.
I am now looking for extra microphones when I need to clarify a bit more of a desk.
Yes I do it again this choice without any doubt. Maybe the MP model, but we do not find occasion.
Soon I'm going to record very large professional violin ... to follow so

One notch above ...

By Sky Fu, 20/02/2013
Microphone jack singing, plugged into the preamp of my "Tc Impact", positioned in an untreated room, only a reflector SE.


I used to microwave for about 8 months only way of making hip-hop rap (mine of course)

Before I entered the micro-level, but it was before!

+ If I like the most is of course its restitution, namely that for the moment I do not have a preamp worthy to name when it is connected to my "Tc impact" my time and it makes me seem already not bad!

+ I would also say that the suspension seem to me very well (to see the time because the "elastic" which take the microphone remains elastic)

- If I like the least (but that seems normal), is that if micro is very good indeed my way, but in his own way very well, it says even with the low cut've activated it tends to force serious, in my case about 200hz. So here we say "do not worry I will break this effect back to" yes, but not because a moment is all it is your room that untreated fucks brothel!

The price / quality ratio is very good for me, it says to those who would pass from one range to be entered and all other AT micro plus "almost pro" must not forget that a good microphone is all that is prendras much better, but all is not as well! So remember to treat your room and making his or mix before breaking your piggy bank for the gear "+ pro", and finally I said I said nothing ca ...

If I would be choice ... Probably I would say yes this a little acoustic correction before.

A studio you ...

Rich Delivery

By crankyrayhanky, 29/07/2012
The at4047 is a condenser microphone. It is for studio applications, which can be aplenty with this diverse tool. There is a handy -10 pad on the mic, allowing you to place it right up on the grille of a loud amp or front and center on a kick drum. It also has an option for rolling off the low end, which is always a great resource for eliminating mud in a recording situation.


4047- a great mic. I love Hard rock/heavy guitar sounds like Sevendust, Korn, Vai, Buckethead, Zakk, Satriani. This mic is flat out awesome in this area. I put it right up 1" from the grill and receive a slammin' sound with very little work on mic placement. It gives the combination of clarity and brutality that is so hard to find in distorted guitars. Sometimes I'll pair it up with a 57, or borrow a buddy's royer 121. Often it sounds fantastic by itself, as I like to multitrack rhythm guitars. It is awesome for detuned guitars. This mic was the basis for recent Korn discs- it sounds great on guitars, bass cabs, kick drum. I've recently discovered that I like it better on vocals than my tube Studio Projects T3; so the T3 was sold off. It has a low end presence combined with a clarity on the top end (without that shrilly cheap feel that my 4033 gives, since sold). I can't believe how cheap I got it (used), I'll buy another one at market price in a heartbeat. If you love heavy guitars and are depressed about how much or how brittle a royer 121 is, and you're tired of the 57 sound (always a fallback acceeptable tone) you simply must find try the 4047. This is the first mic I grab when micing up my Ampeg bass stack- it is perfect for those clear low frequencies. The 4047 sounds killer on toms as well, sometimes i'll just stick this one on the rack to capture two toms and the results are fantastic- huge and beefy, with plenty of snap to cut right through a mix. Awesome on the floor tom, gives that huge King Kong sound. Kick drums can benefit by placing this a foot away from the soundhole. This is a great room mic for drums; typically mics on this price level have an exaggerated high end that can be abrasive and annoying, especially after multiple tracks. Darker mics tend to muddy things up...this 4047 delivers dark without mud, it's a real organic sounding level of quality. I would purchase these mic again in a heartbeat, as it has so many applications and they all sound top level. Stranded on a desert island? This is the mic!

blackle's review

By blackle, 14/10/2011
Large condenser microphone capsule, requiring 48 V phantom power. Its frequency response ranges from 20 to 18 kHz. Its cardioid directivity type, and supports a maximum sound pressure level of 149 dB SPL.
As the level of noise equivalent is 9 dB SPL (A weighted), I take it without much difficulty that its dynamic range exceeds 140 dB.
Two switches are used to activate the one hand the attenuator "-10 dB" on the one hand the high-pass filter cutoff frequency of 80 Hz with a slope of 12 dB / octave.


I used the AT4047 / SV in many situations all over Vachard each other, and gave the results may simply fantastic, especially on voices, though, like all high-end sensors, it is more at ease with some other singers. This microphone is perfectly at ease as the lead voice on the chorus. On several recordings I spent leveling, and I have used a minimum of compression. I think because it's a bit of a "tic" to want even permanently. I prefer to get from taking a full and rich. However, I sometimes (usually on female voices) to add 2 or 3 dB between 8 and 14 kHz. And I tried this with 4047, and even more by increasing the frequency, the sound never became aggressive or metal.
One day I had to record a string trio. Guess what I carried microphones? Yes, I tried a couple of 4047/SV! I usually confine myself to the Neumann U67, but Audio-Technica have performed very well. I also had the opportunity to use 4047/SV in proximity of a cello and a violin, excellent results in both cases, the whole body and the warmth of instrumental sounds were immaculately restored, with no screaming or nasal side .
Same verdict on guitars, acoustic and electric percussion, piano, drum overheads ..
Good to know: the 4047 is able to collect, pad engaged, up to 159 dB SPL without audible overload. An almost unbelievable number when you have acquired a taste for its accuracy and sensitivity, which can lose nothing of little subtleties or the micro-details of a melody played on the violin or the grain of a voice.
I can not find a single flaw on this microphone, and it is purely mechanical suspension is quite cumbersome to remove and replace. Oh yes audio-technica predicted greater storage box, to accommodate the microphone with his suspension .. This may seem anecdotal, see the quibble, but mobile use this remark makes sense.
In short, is a microphone sensor is almost universal, including natural and warm sound lacks aggression in the high shown by the current number of microphones. Now for me, using a Neumann U 67 is more or less automatic in a sound recording of acoustic instruments ..
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