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User Review

One of the BEST but Expensive - Reviews Neumann U 87

I have used U87s for 30 years and I must say they are the best microphone for vocals (aside from the 3K bump) that you will ever find. I do like the U67 better if you have the money. It is the best mic every made. The U67 is the warmest of this mic line by far.

The U87 has a specific sound. It is classic sound. Recently you are hearing more high end enhanced vocal sounds ala Katie Perry. This mic is more of a round sound whereby the low end is very present. The U87 is a mic that you will use ever day of your life and for most any application. So if you have the money BUY ONE. We use this at the studio for 20 years or at my school of recording At times the high mid boost can be very annoying and I move on to an AKG 414, but I don't go by specs I go by the one thing that matters, my ears. Each vocalist is different, and each has their own issues. Some can use a U87 and it is the best sound they will ever get. Some a U87 can sound very harsh. The high mid boost is very noticeable in some situations. I mostly like it for hard hitting vocals and I only use API Pre Amps when I am using the U87. I don't use any other Pre Amps. The low end at about 50hz is smooth as can be.


The very best vocal mic (ala warm mic) that you will ever buy. Today's sound has all the low end removed so you need to study vocal sounds and compare the older more warm sounds like John Mayer verses a Rhianna sound or a sound that has all the low end removed. The U87 is the standard of professional recording. I do think if you going to spend a great deal of money on one microphone then of coarse the U87 is a the industry standard for vocals but again it does have a specific sound. Some of the newer records are going for a more high top end sound and are using a great deal of post plug ins to get the sound more punchy. I also use the 87 on room mics, sax, trumpet, room kick drum micing and at times snare or under snare. It is a very good piece to own.