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Martin Lighting

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User reviews on Lighting Martin products

nikel (RUSH Wizard)

By djnysos, 15/11/2014
How long have you use it?
I saw a demo at my supplier and I 'found it very powerful (2R lamp with Philips) I found that the flower effects were very fluid and sharp (net) it is easily two extrem normal Wizar 1 and a half I think in terms of light output and effects.

Have you tried many other models before buying it?
In our organization we have 3 and 2 regular extrem wizard wizard so yes tested and re tested.

What is so special that you like most and least?
the price I would have thought they would have come out to 1500euros but not even 1200euros, it is much more légé 8kilos believe me this kind of mass projo very important, it is a bit less high but gains in width, it consumes much less and much less expensive lamp and also by the aesthetics against already before I was not a big fan but the new generation is even more hideous (this is only my opinion), it is less intensive electric cons, voilou that happiness ...

How would you rate the quality / price? With experience, you do again this choice? ...
Ben pleasantly surprised by a dice disign as I could I procurerais sure if that's for me projects materialize I choperais at least 4

Value (MAC 500)

By aerato, 14/07/2014
I have several, heavy machine, not really fast, correct light output, without, however, solid reliable machine, which made its proof is martin, value, easy to find room for a little repair boring and tedious interviews but still thinking. I do the scene and show, so accuracy is important to me that the more speed and they are machines which have been proven, so I guard.

I recommend a good cleaning every year, check belt tension and a little lubrication of moving parts and your machine will last a long time, very long view.

News Lighting Martin

[Musikmesse] MAC Viper Profile

Published on 03/25/12
Martin unveils the Viper Profile at Prolight+Sound / Musikmesse 2012.

Martin Light MAC Aura

Published on 09/15/11

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