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Marshall ValveState

Marshall VS112

Series Marshall

User reviews on Marshall ValveState products

Owned this amp a long time and its been a good practice amp. (Marshall - VS15R)

By wrgkmc, 28/12/2016
Been playing for over 50 years and have owned at least as many amps. As a repair tech I've used just about everything made at one time or another.

This amp is fine for what it is, and inexpensive entry model. It gives you typical clean and driven Marshall tones and your basic tone settings which are rather mild compared to its big brothers. I also have a VS 100 so I know the product line well.

This is only a 15W SS amp so its not going to do well gigging unless its miced. I've done a couple of rehearsals with it but I was really pushing its limits. 15W solid state is not the same thing as 15W tube. A Tube amp is rated in clean watts and they usually have additional driven gain.

The two gain knobs on the amp appear to be identical in nature. Its like they put to pots in series that produce the same kind of drive and tone. They are additive. if you gain one up half way cranking the second up half way is like cranking the first to max.

The speaker could be better on the amp. good 8's are hard to find so I haven't bothered to upgrade it. I did add a speaker extension jack which was very easy. I used it to drive a talk box for awhile, worked very well. I could plug into another cab if I wanted but I mostly use this amp for practice in the living room. I have all the big stuff I need for gigging in the studio.

I have tried recording with the amp close miced. It was a little fizzy and sterile recording. Not sure why because it actually sounds pretty good live.

If I had to gig with it I have several other small amps I run with it. There's something about the tone of several small amps together you cant get from one larger amp. This one handles the mid tones very well. I normally run it clean with a little hair and use pedals for my effects and drive tones. It does well for what it is. If you can pick one up for under $100 its a good buy. Anything more you could probably do better.

The perfect amp for the beginner ... and maybe more (Marshall - 8080 Valvestate 80V)

By pierrot1244, 28/11/2014
80 Hybrid w. 1 12AX7 preamp / amp transistors. There is no dynamic bad for a transistor amplifier and is not eaten by the drums and bass. On condition of not being next to a tube amp, of course, much more dynamic.


The clean sounds are not terrible. The satisfactory crunch sounds. Are obtained "metal" sounds very good, quite satisfactory as well (but without the natural compression of lamps), and this is important, it respects the guitar that amplifies.


We are talking about a sound that wants Marshallian. And indeed, we are on those lands. Of course, it is far from a JCM 800. But the spirit of the brand is there. I play metal for almost thirty years (and punk, and hardcore ... well, stuff rather hairy, what) and I have always found my happiness (or almost). It is of course that I do not amuse myself, as some would do, play my minx like "oh I have a I compared my Bogner ;; well then ... he is really a lot less. " You amaze me !!! We are talking about a hybrid amp that no longer exists as OCCAZ 200 balls. And in this category, I put him a good 8 ... because I play metal and it is perfect for this style.


I bought this amp in 1994, I think. At the time, this amp was great because it allowed not too expensive to afford an amp with a sound approaching lights (the only amp before this one were transistors or lamps. But these were priceless to that time, much more expensive than today proportionately). I scoured the scenes, coffee backrooms of the most beautiful rooms in all conditions, carted in the trunk of the car, he took bowls and bread not possible. Yet he never let go. I've had several amps lamps theoretically much better (and Ultra + Peavey 5150, JCM800) ,. But he will never leave me. I still use it every day with as much fun (besides, I still play hardcore and metal). This is a wonderful amp amp for beginners (or for home exercise old fogies like me): simple, reliable, and will largely for the first gigs ... I say beginner but I know it is found in many pro studios where it is used for some overdubs (eg besides the studios I attended, I saw behind Toni Iommi, in the studio, in a doc on recording the new album Black Sabbath). What more?

Great little amp (Marshall - 8040 ValveState 40V)

By Gloups21, 19/05/2014
Hybrid with one 12AX7 for a bit more warmth
1 input => 2 channels + effects loop
Output power between 35 and 40 watts
Lots of settings, but it has a stack tone that demands to be modified.


Easy to dial in. It's a pretty versatile amp in terms of sound.
Here are some tips for people who like to mess with the electronics:
Check the solder joints and change the chemicals because the quality decreases with age. The easiest mod to rediscover the amp is to replace the TL072 (OP amp) with a 5532 ($1 per piece): The sound turns clearer, much more detailed and with more breadth.
Replace the ceramic capacitors with polypropylene for the tone controls and, especially, don't heat the PCB like a madman because Marshall used a somewhat cheap build.
After all that you end up with a very brilliant clean channel and a dynamic distortion.
NB: Change the original 12AX7, which isn't the best; a 12AU7 does a pretty good job, too. Also change the reverb link capacitor, it isn't great.


It's very good for country, rock, jazz, blues.
It's an amp I lend a lot, and I can only say that it has always come back safe, despite the age and the power amp being solid-state.
Personally, I don't think it's that good for metal and its 40W aren't enough.
The speaker quality is not so bad compared to other amps at the same price point.
I like the clean sound but not so much the distortion (although that's very subjective).
Also note that the reverb isn't bad at all.


I've used it for over 10 years.
What I like best is that it's easy to use, lightweight and has a nice look.
What I like least are the pots, which are really lousy and need to be replaced regularly (3 times in 10 years).
Back then I didn't test many other amps. I bought this one secondhand.
If I had to, I'd buy it again but I would also make the changes earlier.

Good amp, despite some defective components (Marshall - 8040 ValveState 40V)

By Jrx13, 14/05/2014
40w solid-state amp with tube preamp and one Valvestate 8040 speaker

Manufactured in the '90s in the UK. That's where it gets its charm from.
On the other hand, like with many other amps at this price point, the sound starts to "leak" after several years.
So you effectively get less output signal and less sound.

You can resolder the output capacitors, but it's always the same problem.

So, the only solution is to bridge the input and the output (of the preamp) and the sound comes miraculously back!

In short, it's a good amp for beginners with a quality clean sound and a nice, not-too-distorted boost.
It simply can't be compared to an all-tube amp, but it's a good compromise and, given its price, it's a safe bet.

I recommend it to people starting out.


Not many buttons, which makes dialing in easier, interesting reverb.


The clean sound is all right, it's better than an mg50 I have. The tube is not there for nothing!!!

The boost is all right.


Nice size, not too big. I use it at home but not live, for that I use a 100W tube Peavey that is more aggressive.

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