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User reviews on Microphone simulator products

moosers's review (Antares Audio Technology - Microphone Modeler)

By moosers, 19/05/2009
I had no problems installing the Antares Systems Microphone Modeler as I had it up and running quickly and efficiently without any compatibility issues or other problems. I had the plug-in up and running within minutes and since installing it have had no problems running it at all. The interface of the Antares Systems Microphone Modeler is pretty easy to follow as well and anyone who has a little experience with plug-ins and digital audio should be able to figure it out pretty quickly. The plug-in has sections for putting in which mic you recorded the signal with options for putting in the type of mic, as well as proximity, low cut, and polar pattern. There is an endless amount of different microphones to choose from and pretty much has ever mic you can think of, as I've rarely had a problem finding the correct mic I used. The plug-in then has sliders for input and output gain, as well as tube saturation, and bass and treble buttons to preserve the source. I don't have the manual for the Antares Systems Microphone Modeler so I can't speak to how helpful it is or not.


I am currently running the Antares Systems Microphone Modeler on a Mac Book Pro that has a 2.2 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and 4 GB of RAM. I run the plug-in in Pro Tools LE 7.4 and I've never had any problems with this configuration at all. While I don't run too many of these at once, it is a pretty stable plug-in with the capability to run a smoothly and stably depending on your specific set up.


I've been using the Antares Systems Microphone Modeler for about five years and while it is a nice plug-in to have around, it isn't essential to anyone's set up. I'm a big believer in getting the signal sounding right at the source, but this can be a helpful plug-in if you want to add some warmth to your sound if you aren't happy with what you did. This plug-in sounds pretty good, but probably isn't anything to get too excited about and unless you are looking for something exactly like this, I wouldn't really recommend it for all studio owners. Overall, a nice sounding plug-in with a good amount of control, but not essential to anyone's studio.

I wish to avoid sounding like a mic purist, but: (Antares Audio Technology - Microphone Modeler)

By Kierkes, 27/06/2011
First off, I don't own this software; my extended family has a few connections in the industry, and I have a relative who is quite up to his neck in the big name plugins, so I have no idea how the software runs, or how easy it is to install. That being said, this is one of the most interesting pieces of software I've seen. Before I heard of it, I had wished for a program that made any signal source able to sound like it came from ANY microphone. Then I discovered this. WOW!


Anyone who has ever worked with a microphone keeping recording techniques in mind will find the mix modeler to be the simplest thing in the world. There is nothing but a menu for selecting the source microphone and the modeled microphone. And the list is endless, trust me; you'd have to be using a pretty darn obscure microphone to lose out with the mic modeler, and even then, they'll have sonically similar ones on the list. After that, there are the gain settings; there are also settings for tube saturation, as well as pattern-selection (when applicable) and pass-filters. One can even adjust his or her modeled proximity to the microphone!


Don't get me wrong. It's obviously not quite going to be like the real thing. It can't possibly replace every microphone. Do not buy this and an SM58 and expect to be set. I repeat: It's a program. It isn't essential to have at all, because all this plugin really does is automate frequency shifts, which you can probably do on your own anyway. Obviously, it's more complicated than that, but the only thing terribly revolutionary about the Mic Modeler is its concept.

A U47 sound will come from a U47, but if you are interested in experiencing new sounds without the tedium, this plugin may be for you!

A cheap microphone fix (Antares Audio Technology - Mic Mod efx)

By stompboxjon, 13/01/2013
The Antares Mic Mod EFX is geared toward people that record at home and do not have a great microphone. I have used this plug in many times because during certain times of my musical career I have had to use microphones that are sub par. This plug in will give you the sound of a really good microphone by using a cheap one. I would use this plug in on my effects rack (whichever one that my microphone was connected to) and dial up the sound that I was looking for and it would instantly give me a better sound. I have used this software with a whole lot of microphones that cost less than 100 dollars and it would turn that microphone into a 300 dollar mic with no problem. I have also used this on a Mac and a PC and it ran perfectly on both.


Being able to choose your pickup pattern and filters right from this plug in no matter which microphone you are using is a great feature. This plug in gave me the ability to turn a cheap microphone into some of the microphones that I wish I could afford. Now it does not sound perfect by any means but it is a vast improvement from the way the cheaper microphone already sounded.


Installing it takes no time and it runs just like any other plug in does. It can run in VST, AU, or RTAS format and you can use it with any DAW that you want to.
This is a must have for anyone using a cheaper microphone; it is a way to get a higher quality sound easily without spending a boat load of money. This only cost 99 dollars, and even now that I have better microphones at home I still find my self using it to make them sound even better.

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