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User Review

Nico53's review - M-Audio Merge 2x2

A merger / thrubox. 2 inputs, 2 outputs.
An optional power supply to compensate for voltage drops of the line if it takes too MIDI ... seen above that normally the Merger is powered by the 5V MIDI.
Function "all notes off" to power.
MIDI for my configs a little far-fetched at times
With keyboards, pedals control, sound modules, synths and virtual hard, etc ... no worries.


Instructions completely useless.
Hyper Rugged, metal case (and very thick!)
connectivity super tough too.
Few problems with the power of my system ... sometimes the MIDI merger plant me some link to but once you disconnected / reconnected, it's ancient history, works very well. Never comes into full play, always turned on. it seems to the fact that the power supply via MIDI solicited is not bad ... so nothing too serious.
So good I bought a second!
the concern when you chain two is that suddenly it takes on the MIDI way too so we really have to add an external power supply. And then you say: "They have been smart, all notes off function will be controlled either via the MIDI power but that of the external power supply and ..."... bah non. the biggest problem when some old equipment that can not emit all notes off ... it was cool to be able to switch the external power supply (with a push button) to send all notes off to all slave devices. ... .. but not impossible ... damage.


I use the last 4 years. excellent product, reliable and robust. no complaints.
As against that detail all notes off function could be assumed by the manufacturer and downright integrate a button box to send this message by hand, in addition to securing all notes off the start.
I never tried anything else ... it must be said that roughly two handy to have ... we can already make config sophisticated enough for cheap because the price / quality ratio seems really good. they patch boxes / Edirol USB MIDI interface with too, it seems not bad, it handles all the routing between its 5 th / s via USB in a soft, with the possibility of the merge and thru .. . but version 5 e / s looks pretty expensive.
I would do so without hesitation ... that choice since it works great for a price attractive enough.