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User Review

bleuffant but ... - Reviews Kemper Profiler Head

As said earlier, this is an amp simulator but only in digital technology (profiling)

It is not editable by computer.

I model the rack but it does not change much over the head outside appearance.
The rack can protect it with fligh standard boxes while the head need protection measure (available at thotho)

The connection is very very complete with a stereo output, monitor output for a return or Poweramp midi in / out, S / PDIF in / out, conection permetant adjustment according to the profiling of an amp or effects loop or entry to, input 2 pedals for expression pedals or footswitch.


I start with what I most gene: the management of the library.
He really had an editor on pc because if only one not charge a lot of sound, we are left with 1,000 sounds and no possibility to create folders to sort.
We just put some profiles in a favorite or view profiles by date or saturation or group sounds by the creator but it's still tedious to search for sounds folder.

The manual is quite clear but not complete, some information about advanced functions to go fishing on the kemper and written English site.

On the edition of his general way, it is not designed for conventional manner but we found it quickly.
Against by those who begin within the programmable devices, it seems a bit difficult.


To test the headphones and then return with a yamaha dxr10 I was completely bleuffé, to the point of asking me if I would not sell my tube amp.
The grain is beautiful, the attack is super precise which is rare in digital amp simulators.
on the other hand I was baffled concert.
I'm used to the dynamics and biting my amp when I find myself with his "transplanting micro" type of very good quality but it is certainly a sound dubbed.
I had the impression that the sound of a toy even though I had some great feedback about the sound.

Regarding the effects, they are good but fairly standard and they lack character.
The distortion stomps are against very good, I compared my od compared to a simulation ts and I find some thing similar loan sensations.
The delays are nice, I still use my pedal board for effects such "dub"


I step back, I have not dug much on the settings, I think you provide a sound studio ttype hyper long term product.

I tried quickly fx axis with settings of another person on an average return then I tried some classics (ToneLab pod etc. ..) in the time so no real comparison.

I love the hyper side full product, the realism of the sound and the ability to introduce new sounds for Scalability, connectivity, flexibility.
The library is very poorly made against; edition on a computer seems to be an evidence.

This device may seem a little expensive but considering what we can do with it is really reasonable.
It can serve as virtual guitar amp, bass, acoustic, multi-effects.
The quality is top, produces pro, I think there is no better except maybe the fx axis seems more for the big sound and effects.