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Essential in a home studio - Reviews IK Multimedia ARC 2

Installation without worries for those who are used to allow soft online challenge / response (software authorization via the soft IK and IK management via its user account).
The implementation of the measures is quite simple guide step but to calm and conscientiously.
Compatible with all current formats AU/VST/RTAS/AAX/AAX2 plugs (used with PT10/11 on mac, not tested on PC).
Be careful though to calibrate the volume and does not overload its D / A converters for if ARC2 should boost frequencies the overall volume increases:
- Check that the peak meter never exceeds 0dBFS (it is apparently "True Peak" so nothing should protrude)
- Be certain to have the same volume with ARC2 mode on and off (different from bypass) => cf. manual for details (setting = trim button).


It takes qq CPU resources but largely manageable with generation and C2D + (no worries here with @ MacMini Core i7 2.3GHz / 16GB RAM and MBP Core2Duo 2.4 GHz).
The software does the job very well and avoids time-consuming measurements. But that does not make miracle to extend the spectrum of small monitors. Similarly, a correction "electronic" should normally be complementary to an acoustic correction. Except that this correction is more efficient and simple as its measures to the spectrum analyzer 31 band EQ + (and any errors that go with from beginners).
I have small tracks CMS40, the correction is effective and straightens all the top end which makes listening less dull and harder:
=> It is less pleasant to listen to but it is not the purpose of a good monitoring system (on the other hand, it should naturally get used to this new curve and be careful not to mix too "soft" ).
=> By against the side "box" of CMS40 has completely disappeared and we see / hear that he is no longer of "roller coaster" in the med low (= more accurate).
=> CMS40 the cut at 60Hz, ARC2 is nothing more to change it (NB: I do not have a subwoofer therefore tested the sub mode)
Short in the end it is more accurate and I bcp less error correction stamp in my mix.


I for 1 year, I had a KRK Ergo in the past. The bp KRK is that we do not know what we measure and what is correct, that there is only one curve in memory and no additional compensation to meet certain standardized EQ ( ISO X in particular).
- Setting out simple enough
- Net overall improvement of listening (even without acoustic correction thrust)
- Several memories (for different speakers / place / converters)
- Indication of the measures and correction curves (with presets to simulate other speakers or soften the correction + definitions of custom curves to meet standards such as ISO X)
- Monitoring function (with MIDI Learn to control via MIDI CC)
- Fairly accurate meter peak (True Peak)
- No standalone version to correct any soft (because it is difficult to listen to CDs or trade the output of iTunes corrected by ARC2) or simply leave active correction permanently.
- Also, do not forget to turn it off for headphones (so get a headphone designed in its routing STAN / DAW).
- Management of the stereo (+ Sub) but not multichannel (5.1, etc.)
- Does not replace an acoustic treatment or a pro mixer and not made for you either (it sucks, plus I think it's not mastered either ;)) but this is my tool indispensable.