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IK Multimedia
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A review of IK Multimedia's Lurssen Mastering Console

Mastering Made Painless The Lurssen Mastering Console is new mastering software from IK Multimedia that was created in conjunction with Gavin Lurssen at Lurssen Mastering in Los Angeles, a high-profile facility that’s responsible for mastering multiple Grammy-award-winning albums, and Oscar-winning film scores and more. The product lets you access a software emulation of Lurssen’s mastering chain, incorporating some of the studio’s techniques and “tricks.” read more…

IK Multimedia iRig Pro Review

IK Rigs It Again Decisively relentless, IK Multimedia completes its iOS interface series with the iRig Pro. Pro? Three letters that imply that what we have in our hands is an iOS interface capable of managing a microphone, a guitar or a line level signal, while also featuring a MIDI input... The perfect interface? read more…

IK Multimedia iRig HD Review

iGain After Apogee, now it's IK Multimedia's turn to present an audio interface for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Mac aimed at nomad guitarists. read more…

User reviews on IK Multimedia products

An interesting evolution from the previous version, but with a real latency problem (Amplitube 4)

By tarz200tdi, 31/03/2016
To begin with, my review only intends to be an average user's review - I'm not a geek or anything, my computer is quite correct but ages slowly.

My config: POD HD300 with all contents deactivated (amps, fx, cabs) used as a soundcard, to an iMac i5 from late 2011 with 8GB of RAM.

The first overall constatation is very positive, espacially compared with Amplitube 3 which never managed to convince me to let my POD HD down (into Garage Band), which sounds were quite better (cleaner, more realistic, more dynamics, in a word more of a real mic'ed amp than a digital bee-like tone). With version 4, it's way easier to get a "real sound", which can entirely be set up as you like (amp, fx, cab, speaker, mics and so on), plus with a real interaction between all elements. Grain-wise, I finally feel a real pleasure playing on computer-based models (with lows that hold up, musical hi-mids and dynamics at both your right hands and volume knob). My POD only (temporarily?) owes me keeping it to its role as a soundcard.

Yet, I have a real latency problem. This already was a problem with Amplitube 3, but reversely. Here's the problem:
> in standalone mode, Amplitube 3 worked very well, but using it as an AU plugin in Garage Band was just horrible
> with Amplitube 4, it's just the other way around: standalone mode offers a horrible latency (with the buffer set at 512), but everything goes well in GarageBand after faking I intended to record, unless I try to create a new, quite complex preset, then latency goes nuts again. No problem, you record again, start a new countout, stop and it works!

I want to make it clear that this latency problem occurs while CPU and RAM uses are still very, very low.

Finally, after detailing these problems which may owe as much to my equipment and rather modest qualities as a user as to the software itself, it's a coherent product for training and home recording.

great product. already testing (iRig Pads Editor)

By Nico Bava, 08/03/2019
i love irig. im already testing and i cant connect well with ableton so i wanna download the editor so i can configure it and use it as i want. i love techno and techhouse im dj and productor and im going london in few months. im from south america argentina messi maradona, love rocknroll led zeppelin spinetta, charly garcia, pink floyd. love you all. love md

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iRig products to unlock Cubasis LE features

Published on 05/24/16
Owners of IK Multimedia’s iRig digital interfaces, mics & MIDI controllers can now unlock features inside of Cubasis LE for iPad.

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