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User Review

magic - Reviews IK Multimedia ARC 2

installation without concern


Classic config: PC - AMD Quad 3GHz - 4G DDR3 - sound card RME babyface - ADAM A7X monitors
no stability problem


I use it for 4 days and I am very happy with the result, can be a bit too early for perfect control because I think it takes some time to get used to his new very linear.

I like most:
- Stunning the sound that is once it has disabled the app.
- The preset to have a laptop or car etc ... emulation, which allows you to adjust the sound very quickly without having to listen to in the car the next day to realize that lack this or that, for example, increase 130Hz a kick without fear of abuse or too down a can drive low as fashion means much excess serious.

I like least:
- It lacks management preset, yet I have not found a way to delete or rename it'll have to uninstall and reinstall because I'm measures (window closed / open position pro / semi pro more or less close to the corner ... etc.
- The fact of not being able to use stand alone to understand and appreciate the mix of favorite artists, forced open a DAW to swing the track in

the price / quality ratio is unbeatable for me it despite my tight budget, I assure you I am not paid by IK lol, I struggled for years to ask me the question: why my kick and my bass are not perfect phase? why my master is not quite as I want?
well because simply opening the CRA my previous mix I realized it was yucky, volumes completely incoherent.

I not only do it again this choice with his eyes closed, but shame me not having done so for a long time, knowing that I've heard from at least 2 years.
to me the sound that sounds pro now ;-)