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MXR Commande

MXR M161 Phaser

User reviews on MXR Commande products

michel_olivier's review (MXR - M161 Phaser)

By michel_olivier, 16/02/2007
Phaser pedals of SERIES "Order" which normally exists in black and white priori more rarely (I have a white person), made in the 80's.
It would be the electronic phase of a 90, but with two rglages, and placed in a sturdy plastic case and makes the 80 trs ...
Two rglages SPEED (speed) and REGEN (resonance).


Super simple, two buttons n'interragissent not on each other so a simplifying rglages and sounds right away.


Quality of an MXR phase ...
It works on guitar but also bass and piano / electric organ (I test!).
Phasing not too grotesque (in gnral rcents phasers, ex.: Boss PH-2), nor too discreet / round (early phase ex.: Ibanez PT9): trs a good compromise well equilibrated .


Trs good pedals, good sound with a trs, CHARACTERISTICS MXR phasers.
Some regret the plastic housing, I instead I like the look typ '80s, it seems to me more solid trs.
Good qualitprix because I pay a mouth of bread, but I would say that was worth 80 / 90 euros if you like that look!