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MXR Jimi Hendrix 70th Anniversary Tribute

MXR JHM3 - Jimi Hendrix 70th Anniversary Tribute Univibe

User reviews on MXR Jimi Hendrix 70th Anniversary Tribute products

Foutage mouth! (MXR - JH2 - Jimi Hendrix 70th Anniversary Tribute Cry Baby)

By ENG152, 03/04/2014
We'll make it simple, it is a model of CRY BABY output limited edition to celebrate the seventy spring Jimi Hendrix would have been if he had not died at 27 years ... this model Wha belongs to a series of pedal "70th Anniversary" released in 2012 including among others a FUZZ FACE ... OCTAVIO and those who think it smells a little marketing this case there are right ..

I bought this little pedal there not because I'm a fan of Hendrix, but rather because my CRYBABY DUNLOP GCB-95 2006 left me unsatisfied. A word about this: the sound of it was super cool, indeed it was originally equipped with an inductor RED FASEL as all GCB95 for a little while: it's a small detail which is important ... And, yes, how many of us spend a few extra euros menus to offer this miracle ingredient? Okay, now rummaging well on the site DUNLOP, they say, but do not shout from the rooftops:

I quote the official website of Jim:

"Q: Does my pedal-have a Fasel conductor?
A: The following pedals Red Fasel inductor-have a: GCB95, GCB95F, 535Q, 95Q, DCR2SR, BG95, SW95, DB01, and the ZW45. The MC404 HAS Both the Yellow and Red Fasel conductors. "

For unbelievers (because there always) I would soon review the GCB95 with supporting photographs on my profile ...

Basically my old GCB95 (Revision H) had a FASEL RED, but not True Bypass, which puffed me sound and farted me ... noodles. In addition she had a little too much treble that made my guitar scream too loudly ...

So buying a new pedal on which Jim Dunlop kept the mystery: the fabulous Jimi Hendrix 70th "hand made" with its modified sweep, its tip top finish and supposedly a true bypass. Knowing that Jimi Hendrix "series" DUNLOP CRYBABY JH1-D is actually a slightly modified GCB95, I was also almost certain to find a RED FASEL on this model ... which was the case.

Come on, enough talk, then open the box and detail the craft ...

In the black box and gray there is a certificate of authenticity proclaiming that this pedal is the number as a series of 2600 (I think ...). A booklet dunlop, a short manual and two other three papers. the pedal is in a plastic bag.

Pretty footrest with head above Jimi's half Decole which is not serious.
Pretty lacquer painting has nothing to do with that my CRY BABY EVH which for once enjoyed finishing thunder. The base plate is screwed bad ... too bad, I dismount, after all I am curious.

The bowels of the beast reveals a printed circuit stamped "CRY BABY GCB 95", an inductor RED FASEL ... no difference with my GCB 95 ... ah if it's the Hot Potz II 100K while the GCB had a different thing ... It is obvious that this beast that is not "Hand Made"

The general feeling is slightly lower than the GCB95 ... plug in everything.


No special features, this is a CRY BABY everything that has more standard.
The jacks are nothing exceptional.
The pendulum stroke is like a thousand other.
The switch does not sound very reassuring and there is a big sticking point just before you get to the "toes down" (tilted forward ... walk, treble, what) position.

Nothing special out of it ... ah, if the resistance of the balance ("Torque") is not adjustable.


Several comments:
1) No, it really is not true bypass, and it eats the sound even more than my GCB95! ("Tone Sucker" say the Yanks), which immediately eliminates the.
2) The sound is really nice, the sweep is more interesting than the GCB95, serious heel are greatly lower the gain down, but remain well defined.
3) that I do not want too acute, then I'm served: it is understood that DUNLOP did with this pedal. Frequencies were mechanically moved down the beach and the sweep was restricted. this is the kind of change that should take 5 minutes to type a little resourceful ...
4) I note that despite all this I do not have the sound of Hendrix, which makes me giggle: if you could buy a pedal for "the sound of Hendrix" I think she would be successful.

To summarize this short chapter on the sound, it is very close to a standard CRYBABY in less gueularde and able to go lower in the grave. It is also more "voice" in the clear can make things really interesting, however it does not hold a candle to a Vox V846 Hand wired. It is still less wise ... In saturated, it is not bad either. Can be limited by acute a little short ... She is quite expressive in all cases, and to feel that there are three "sweet spots" that successive sound really good: really nice voice this wah there ...

I use it with my U.S. Stratocaster and I'm disappointed to hear the song of my guitar and altered: slight loss of momentum, acute loss: the sound of "lack of air" ... it's sad!

Finally, there is a pretty far away ... still noticeable even when the pedal is disengaged ... Yep, we'll stop there ...


What I like is its sounds rather nice, and the wide range over which it sounds good ("huge sweet spot").
What I do not like is the lack of true bypass: it is not honest from DUNLOP: this video there yet suggests that the beast is equipped with this feature:

What I hate is really any manufacturing: it's cheap.
What I hate is the detestable feel taken for a huge Pigeon: This pedal has nothing exclusive: it is a Jimi Hendrix JH1-D lambda which itself is that a cry baby classic lambda ... which is half of that one.

Jim Dunlop really care about the mouth of the world. Half of its range Wah are GCB95 on which highlights exclusives that are not always (genre. .. the FASEL RED) which charges dearly. This is called a range effect ... I do not think to keep it, it is not sufficiently respectful of the sound of my guitar. Next to this review three photos; Finish "handmade" so common and entrails of the beast

Excellent Univibe Cheap (MXR - JHM3 - Jimi Hendrix 70th Anniversary Tribute Univibe)

By Rocknweb, 01/04/2013
In the series is the fact that I'm into the most Wha and the fuzz can find more and use octavia is too narrow. This Univibe unbeatable price concurence well filled his office with his classic settings. A report that amplitue varies depending on the output level of microphones, we will have a more or less pronounced and in some cases you have to play the intensity knob. I agree with the previous opinion on race speed knob is not quite progressive. The volume itself is perfect. Please note a true bypass if not true that here, the pedal tends to obscure the direct sound, not unpleasant any time.


By default it is chorus, mini switch impractical to switch vibrato. If the chorus effect is relatively close to the signal issue vibrato tone mode on the treble boost, so you have the tuner amp, yet the results will be very different depending on the voicing of the amp ... Personal I play Peavey DB that does not lack bass but a fender that can be a pb


I love plain or with a slight crunch and distortion even with the vibrato I committed off!


For me I did not put 300 euros in a single effect which moreover is not essential, however since I I can not stop to use it in all its forms and with strat we get a les paul sound out of the ordinary or chorus or phaser or wah vibrato or a mix of a bit of everything here.

Not far from flawless. (MXR - JHM3 - Jimi Hendrix 70th Anniversary Tribute Univibe)

By audiopat.krz, 15/01/2013
Analog Univibe with classic controls (volume, intensity and speed) and the ability to switch vibrato. The highlight here is the compact size (type MXR Phase 90 but lighter). It has a true bypass switch with silent enough.

For cons, I think the hendrix illustration is not necessarily successful (especially the choice of colors).


There is a sound quickly.

Note that:

- The intensity will be set at least half, if not in position to obtain maximum contrast (zero, there is no effect at all)
- Running speed is not a model for progression from the third cycle is fast (unusable from ¾), so it is quite difficult to find exactly its setting in this small third Univibe fashion, on the other hand, vibrato mode, it is convenient
- The volume control can boost the level to get a tiny crunch, which is magic for the effect to take its full extent, and in any case, it seems to me that this is typical of a good Univibe, set to noon, the effect is completely at your original signal

Dunlop offers some basic settings modeled on pieces of Hendrix.


Before describing the effect, it should be noted that as soon as we switched the pedal, the sound becomes brighter. Take the test by adjusting the intensity to zero and the volume to half. The tone lightens considerably and adds frequencies which, when exacerbated by the effect will not be pleasant, even strident. I noticed this phenomenon with all possible configs: its clear, crunch or saturated with microphones single, double or assets.

For the effect itself, Univibe mode is quite believable (except for the highlight). The magnitude of the modulation is quite exceptional means all the good race "oooouuuuuaaaaaaiiiiii." This is contrast and deep.

Mode vibrato effect is obtained typical vintage that works very well with arpeggios for example. In any case, the effect is more pronounced on agreements.


I bought this pedal in Michenaud Christmas (which, incidentally, are competent and friendly), I tested for 1 week and then I made one for you ...!

I am a faithful Dunlop / MXR and I wanted to replace my FULLTONE Already Mini Vibe by this newcomer to the catalog that seemed miraculous.

Conclusion: FULLTONE is constant and very musical: it works perfectly on a clean channel as a gain ultra DUNLOP where this makes a clear, shrill and disappears in a saturated channel.

I carefully made my tests are clear: the Mini Vibe is already on the throne of univibes. I have owned and tested many models (VOODOO LAB, Lovepedal, T-REX ...) and my conclusion remains the same.

I'm a fan of Philip Sayce and I'd still well tested one day Megavibe KR MUSICAL.


faultless (MXR - JHM1 - Jimi Hendrix 70th Anniversary Tribute Fuzz Face)

By Corsaire01, 31/12/2012
The Fuzz Face magnified.

Design a more classic "matchbox", but the same electronics that made the success of the JHF-1.

Finally, an external power jack! LED indicator and a bonus.

Note the price lower than the round version of this pedal.


very simple, knob volume with which one can give a boost to the sound when the pedal locks, and knob effect to modulate the intensity of the fuzz.


it is a fuzz, nothing special to say about the effect except that it is identical to the JHF-1

Attention to diet if you connect a external power supply, I had to make an exchange shop and 4 trials to find a PSU powerful enough and does not balance the high frequency sound.


great product, very reasonable price, cheaper than the original model, adding an external power jack, adding an LED indicator, as close to another pedal that will give a pedal (depending on taste of each).