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User reviews on Nomadic headphones products

moosers's review (Monster - Beats Studio)

By moosers, 10/01/2011
The Monster Cable Beats By Dre Studio are a set of high end headphones for both studio and consumer purposes. There is a full line of Beats By Dre headphones, with these being marketed specifically for studio use. I recently tried out these headphones at a friends house after hearing a lot of hype about these headphones for some time now. I didn't use them in a studio setting, but rather used them for simple listening purposes in iTunes. The headphones have a really sturdy cable on the end of them that ends as a 1/8" jack for plugging directly into your computer. I'm not sure if an adapter is included, but it does come with it's own carrying case. They're adjustable in terms of size and I found them to be pretty comfortable, although quite large. Regardless of the hype, I have to say I was pretty impressed with the sound of the Monster Cable Beats By Dre Studio headphones. They come in nice and full, and very loud, which of course makes everything sound better. I'd be interested to hear them in a studio setting, but I definitely wouldn't use them for monitoring during recording. They're definitely best suited for listening to electronic music inside the box rather than recording live instruments. While it's a clean sound quality for sure, to me they just aren't worth the price! You can definitely get a comparable sounding set of headphones for a fraction of the price. Maybe if you're just looking for a set of headphones for listening these will be okay since they're kind of a fashionable thing more than anything, but if you're just looking strictly on the studio end, these are not the best bang for your buck. Don't get me wrong, they're nice headphones for sure, but for the price you could do a lot better when it comes to studio headphones...

expensive and worth every dollar (Monster - Beats by dr dre)

By JimboSpins, 07/10/2012
The Monster Beats by Dr Dre are really good headphones for a DJ, any just for listening to music. I do not recommend getting this for creating music or mixing your music with them. They are heavily induced with Bass, they are very loud and block out most all of your external noise. I originally purchased these to be a pair of DJ headphones as well as just listening headphones for when I listen to music while I workout. After using them several times I just decided to keep them for personal listening situations and not for DJ use mainly just because the price of them I just didn’t want to take them to the clubs and then they get slammed around. Because I take my headphones off and on a lot while I am in the booth and I just wanted to be careful and protect my investment in them.

The Monster Beats by Dre are very comfortable to wear though, they do not irritate your ear at all. They even make the sound coming out of my phone with I use it on my HTC phone sound better. Normally songs that are played off a phone don’t sound very good in any headphones but it sounds way better when used with Monster Beats by Dre.

When you purchase the Monster Beats by Dre they will come with a case with a solid structure to it so they don’t get crushed or damaged. All you have to do is fold them up and put them in the case for storage. These headphones cost 300 dollars when they first came out years back, I am not sure if the price has come down since then. The price is high but yes it is worth it, you have not heard music until you hear it in Beats by Dre headphones. It will open you up to how music is really suppose to sound to all of use instead of what it sounds like in cheap headphones.

Lick of marketing! (Monster - Beats Studio)

By Emayesti, 18/08/2011
The opinion of WuShu
"Good marketing coup!"
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Overall Opinion
I vien just received is "holy grail" of beats by dre what surprise will he book me?

- Packaging nikel nothing wrong it is very clean cable, carrying case ect .. you connaisser else

- headphone unfolding is done delicately headphones anyway seems quite fragile

- The design is clearly the highlight of this headphone looks great there is nothing wrong .. but it's because there is a but .. it is beautiful monster certe..mais I think a lot ( too) bet the over and forget the main ..


I connect to my iMac I run itunes, I play Trey songz - can be friend (album that I think is pretty well mixed and in a modern style good reverb on the snap)
my first impression .. The bass, the bass, the bass and bass .. but are past or acute?
I change the music, even finding .. too low, there is a VERY BIG imbalance
it seems to me that this headphone is sorely lacking in acute precision..les are far too behind compared to the rest low food all

in my opinion this headset can be satisfactory on an ipod, but certainly not in the studio


Amateur boom boom, you will be satisfied if you pick a precise parcontre headset for your home studio go your way this headset is clearly not for you, for my part I received this morning I think it will be sale this evening to tell you ..

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