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Other PA/Live Sound Speaker Cabinets

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Other PA/Live Sound Speaker Cabinets
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User reviews on Other PA/Live Sound Speaker Cabinet products

Peavey PR15 (Peavey - PR 15)

By MGR/Jimbo, 24/10/2004
I purchased my PR15s from a local music store for about $400 (for the pair) because the price was right and the employee I was talking to said they were very nice.

These PR15s are awesome! They can handle anything you can throw at them. The highs are crisp and the lows are solid, and the throw out lots of sound!!! They are pretty light too so they aren't a huge pain to move around.


Very well constructed the plastic is tough as well as the metal grill.

If you need some great speakers but don't have a ton of money check these things out they are awesome, get some.

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Small shows (Yamaha - SW118V)

By JimboSpins, 24/01/2013
The Yamaha SW118V is a 18 inch Passive Subwoofer, and a lot of the time when I am doing a smaller show as a DJ I will just take this. This was my “Go To” sub for smaller birthday parties and banquets manly because it was very light and easy to take with me. I would not take this to a larger space because it just does have enough power for those venues. This sub is also very affordable only costing a few hundred dollars and it will hold up well because it is durable.
This was one of my favorite subs to take for birthday parties because you want to play uplifting music like dance music. For that style of music with the kind of bass that it uses, this subwoofer was perfect for that. This cabinet is perfectly design to give you the best possible sounding bass (for the price) and all in a smaller sized cabinet that is easy to take with you anywhere. It has an 18 inch cast frame driver and a frequency response as low as 30 Hz (not the best, but it is great for the price).
This sub has no outputs but it has 2 ¼ inputs and cannot be mounted, it is a floor sub only but that is ok because if you are in a smaller space it will not matter anyways. The maximum power you will get with it is somewhere around 1200 watts which is pretty solid for the price. Out of all of the times that I have used this subwoofer it has yet to fail me or have any type of a malfunction. It is very reliable and built well. Yamaha has always provided this type of subs that work great for a good price. I prefer these subs from Yamaha over the higher end ones because of the quality and price. The higher end Yamaha subs start to get really expensive!

A good choice for some (Line 6 - StageSource L2m)

By tpeplinski, 28/08/2013
As a live sound engineer and occasional performer, I thought it might compliment my extensive collection of P.A speakers in many brands. I decided on the L2"M"s as I do not need the built-in mixer and thought the more bells, the more opportunity for problems. Results: I take them to every gig whether it is for a fill in festival sound (with subs and satellite speakers) or a small casual stand alone. The sound is perfect for guitar, vocals, brass, strings, anything that has a mid to high range eq.

I found that it is not adequate for lows, and if you are adding bass, low eq keys, low brass, kick, you should use a sub or a speaker with a 15"; and a good alternative is the latest JBL eons (own as well). I compared line 6 sound to similar powered Yamaha, Mackie, EV, JBL, QSC and found that the clarity of the sound in the mid range & highs was exactly what I was looking for. I also liked the EV and JBLs, but the Line 6 won out due to my application.

I think at $750 the price is a little high, and some people might really want to consider the JBLs as they cost a lot less, equal in weight, and sound great at the lows. For about $100 more, consider the 12" QSC Ks (although I have not been blown away from them as other reviewers).

Finally: I have really (purposely) pushed these speakers beyond normal and they perform without distortion or feedback. For guitar/keys/violin/and especially vocals, you will receive an increase of compliments for your sound. These speakers have paid for themselves just in the repeat business I have received for running sound alone. They have proven to be the perfect choice for me, and was pleasantly surprised at the "long-throw" especially at outdoor events. You can cover more space at low volume as the sound does not drop off when elevated on stands... (not a rule but, I like the bottom of speakers to be at 66" high when used as Mains).

I would highly recommend these or "T" model $850 for the soloists over the Bose (I like the Bose L model IIs, but $2400?) ...larger coverage with no sound drop, almost equal feedback, easy use, use anywhere.


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