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User Review

She's got the blues ... - Reviews Boss BD-2 Blues Driver

I take risks may be saying this, but I think this is one of the best pedal in Boss! Not even scared! Those who do not share my view will move to the next, yet listen to what I have to say about this pedal. Except that it looks like a DS or SD 1 1 except the color (blue, normal, talking blues ...) and has as its frangines potentiometers gain, tone and volume, BD 2 brings us a multitude of sounds from clear sound with this little je ne sais quoi mini crunch to overdriven typed lamps.


Capricious, it is not a pedal that excels on all the amps in the world. I have 3 tube amps, a champion 600, a blues junior and a hot rod deluxe (yes, I like Fender) and BD 2 rings only on the hot rod. With others, it seems insignificant overdrive and soulless nasal limit. On my Hot Rod is insured heat, round, velvety and parameterizable wish to gain through and tone that brings any color you like (except nasty metal).


No metal of course, but still meaty ... I use it as a non-nasal distortion, and I boost with a 1 SD for solos. There can be metal. But generally, it is used for rock, with good gain pushed yields the sound of Gary Moore. With a little low on the neck pickup of a Strat or a Les Paul which means shining lamps. Its sound specificity is nonetheless gain below half for the slight color saturation that comes your arpeggios and nuances of your pick. It is very reactive with the guitar volume without losing the treble, and you will notice that the race of the gain is very impressive. That is why I say this is the best pedal in Boss.


As I am inherently unstable, one day I bought and resold, then bought a few years after to resell again. And then I decided to acquire a third time, and for life. I think it is essential in my pedalboard, and I use it everywhere, in the studio and in concert, she said exactly what I'm looking for sound. Try one and see for yourself ...