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Gruv Gear V-Cart Solo

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Gruv Gear V-Cart Solo

By MGR/ShackMan, 19/03/2011
It's made of 1' round high-tensile steel tubing all around, 4' polyurethane casters, 8' polyurethane foam wheels, and takes up a space about the size of two school backpacks put end to end laying down (although you can also store it standing up). It only weighs in at 23 lbs, but you can throw up to 500lbs on top of it and wheel it with ease. It's bigger than the average hand-truck, but smaller than the average dolly, and it can do all the work of both and still fit snugly in the far back side of your closet at night.

This was acquired for review through Music Gear Review. The price as of Spring 2011 is $299 + shipping through GruvGear's website.

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Heavy duty all the way around. Practically unbreakable (or even unscratchable by most objects). And switching between storage mode, Hand-truck mode, dolly mode, and tiltback mode is really easy. The most you ever have to do is move a lever or loosen two hand-turnable knobs to move the main handle (and then re-tighten them of course). Not only is it a back-saver, but it's a trip-saver. What once took me three or four trips to unload now takes me (usually) one. Maybe two if I'm playing both bass AND keys that night.

I could pick on the fact that the main platform is a little short, but GruvGear already has an XL add-on frame that extends the storage area to a full 42' in length, which is PLENTY for just about everything short of a digital grand piano. I could also pick on the fact that I have to take the time to loosen screws and switch the handle to go from platform mode to handtruck/dolly mode, but that's like complaining that you have to open two jars before you can make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I also could complain about the smoothness of the finish on the tubing and say that gear COULD potentially slide, but in my experience that is A) mostly untrue, and B) if you really DO have a problem with gear sliding, you can slow down when using the V-Cart, or get some griptape or a carpeted platform to add on to the V-Cart to make that nigh impossible. In short, I really find nothing wrong with this thing. Anything that could POTENTIALLY go wrong, GruvGear has already thought of a fix for it. Now THAT's what I call awesome engineering!

I'll put it simply. I could see roaches crawling around on this thing, which will likely be still fully-functional, post-apocalypse.

This is how all products should be made. Everywhere. Everytime. Predict everything that people could complain about and have a 'fix' ready for them if they do, but still make a product good enough that most people won't need your fixes. GruvGear continues to impress me, and I've already seen some previews of what's coming next. Keep an eye on them. They seem to know what they're doing.

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solved many problems for me

By JimboSpins, 05/11/2012
The Gruv Gear V-Cart Solo only cost 250 bucks and it is sturdy enough to handle your heaviest gear for you. It can handle up to 500 pounds and it can be used in 4 different ways. The only thing that I hate about being a DJ is trying to get all of my gear out of the truck and into the club. I have damaged so much of my gear in the past and even hurt my back lifting monitors. So I am always on the lookout for something that can make my DJ life a little easier. Someone recommended that I go with a cart; I had no idea what kind of cart to get or anything so I just started doing some research and that is when I found the Gruv Gear V-Cart Solo.
The reason that I got the Gruv Gear V-Cart Solo and not some other brand is because of the 4 different positions that I can be in (3 that are useable). The Gruv Gear V-Cart Solo itself only weighs about 15 pounds and the wheels are strong and easy to move so if you get your heavier gear on it you will have no problem wheeling it inside. It makes everything 100 times easier having this Gruv Gear V-Cart Solo.
The Gruv Gear V-Cart Solo is made from steel and it is very sturdy. There are no worries when moving my gear, at first I was thinking that it could break or my gear could fall off but after I saw how sturdy the Gruv Gear V-Cart Solo actually was I was not scared or worried anymore. I do own a few different carts now but the Gruv Gear V-Cart Solo is one of the best ones that I have. I take it to every gig with me and it has never let me down. It has made getting my gear into the clubs so much quicker and less stressful.

Rather expensive but very effective

By Scotty, 26/06/2014
It is to my knowledge the only carriage, or "devil", evolved, for musicians, DJs, sound engineers, etc. ...
It is expensive, but the multi-position concept is excellent, it is robust, runs great, and supports 230 pounds of load.
This is the first time I move a heavy keyboard 88 notes effortlessly and in a stable upright position, safe, and convenient (4 wheels on the ground)
Setting telescopic handle a little "hard" (but there may be he has a trick I have not picked ...)
Non-negligible weight (10 kilos) ... But, except for the store, we do not wear it ... There is a "lite" version that I have not tested.

Plutôther but very effective

By Scotty, 26/06/2014
This is to my knowledge the only trolley, or "devil", evolved for musicians, DJs, sound engineers, etc ...
It is expensive, but the multi-position concept is excellent, it is robust, runs great, and supports 230 pounds of load.
I've had a few days and have used it twice to carry a heavy keyboard with accessories. This is the first time I can "move" along effortlessly keyboard 88 notes in a stable and secure inclined position (4 wheels)
Telescopic handle setting a little "hard" (but may be there is there a trick I have not picked up ...)
Non-negligible weight (10 pounds) ... Anyway, apart for the store, we do not wear it ... There is a "lite" version that I have not tested.
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News V-Cart Solo

[Musikmesse] Adam Hall Distributes Gruv Gear

Published on 04/15/11
Gruv Gear will now be distributed on the European market (over 30 countries) by Germany-based Adam Hall since the 2011 Musikmesse Frankfurt and Prolight + Sound international trade shows.

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