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Good Quality monitor (D.A.R.T)

By Michael Davies, 02/01/2019
Good monitors..Biamped , separate limiters on bass and compression driver speakers.
Very good gain before feedback as very smooth frequency response for vocals monitors but not powerful enough for drum fill or bass guitar...understandable as only 12 inch speaker. Very heavy speaker though as old analogoue technology not digital amp..If you are looking for a used pro monitor then buy one of these!!

not bad (Lucas Nano 300)

By bouliwan, 28/11/2014
used for 1 year
I have not tried other models before

most: transport, use (it is electrically and it left branch), speed of installation, it looks solid.
least: I think for the price it is not growing enough and lacks a USB port
price not bad value
if you want to small parties and / or play alone (vocals + instrument) in a small place then this is perfect. if not go your way.

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