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A review of the Auratone 5C Super Sound Cube

Mystical Aura You just got your main monitor speakers and are already looking for a second pair? Boy are you a compulsive buyer! What's that you said? Auratone is back with its famous 5Cs? Okay, well maybe just this once I'll turn a blind eye... read more…

User reviews on Passive Monitor products

Inexpensive and great low end (JBL - Control SB-2)

By stompboxjon, 12/03/2013
The JBL Control SB 2 is a vented bypass subwoofer that works with the JBL control contractor series systems. The weight of this woofer is around 42 pounds and that is pretty standard with the size and weight of other subwoofers that I have used over the years. It has spring loaded terminals (input) and 8 ohms per each channel. It has a peek capacity of 340 watts (power). The frequency range goes down to 38 Hz to help with some of the JBL systems that do not extend that low. Depending on which JBL system you have, this is a must have because a lot of them do not have that low end bass.
This is probably the best woofer to go with for the price (only for JBL systems though) because the sound and low end is perfect for the price. I have used other woofers in this price range that do no sound as full and rich as the Control SB 2 does.


I have used this woofer in many clubs/venues and it has not let me down yet. It is very durable and even sounds great outside in a wide open space. Having a woofer will make your sound system sound so much fuller and bigger.


When using this woofer outside really added some much needed low end to one of our JBL system. This woofer has 2 stereo inputs. There are other woofers that sound great too, but they are not made for JBL systems. The Bose B1 and B2 woofers are great too depending on what your system is. JBL systems have always been my favorite though. There is another woofer called the JRX118S that is made by JBL that is very good as well but it cost more than the Control SB 2. If you have more money to spend check out the JRX118S, you will not be disappointed.

redox75's review (JBL - 4312)

By redox75, 18/10/2014

It's among the most respected/emblematic models of the brand and it is still in their catalog after 20 years. Hundreds of sound engineers have worked their masters using the 4312, the most famous album mixed with them is Michael Jackson's Thriller.

When it comes to sound reproduction, they are clear, clean, precise, with a very punchy and groovy low end, while the mids/highs lack, at the most, a bit of finesse compared to other speakers.


A very proper and transparent sound, you can hear a fly passing by several feet away...
Superb stereo image, airy and well-balanced.
Two controls to adjust the mids and highs to the acoustics of the room.
However, they lack some power to really move the 12" (white) woofer (ref 2213H), despite the 80W RMS, they need to be driven to the limits to sound best.
The mid driver is a 5-incher, model LE-5.

ref 2213H: WOOFER
ref LE-5: MIDS
ref LE 25: tweeter


I've had them since 2005 after dreaming about them for 30 years, I then bought the 4312A version, with titanium tweeter (ref 052TI) and the white JBL logo on a black background.
I also bought 2 pairs of new woofers, as well as the tweeters, to have them as spare parts.
Because these speakers are pretty sought-after by people in the know and their price is only going up, besides them being not easy to find.
They are sold currently for about $1000/$1300, the first model.

I love their musicality and attack. The lows are very round and warm, the mids are well-proportioned and the highs have that chiseled touch that I love!
They are awesome for studio! And they are great as a HiFi system or for home cinema, too.
However, they are not the best to listen to classical music.
As for good amps to go with them, there are some Yamaha and Technics, but the best way to go is a tube MacIntosh! IT'S FOR THE JOY OF YOUR EARS AND YOUR WELL-BEING!!

I would love to get the recently launched 4312E, but the pair sells for about $3300.

small and havy companion (KRK - K-RoK)

By angelie, 02/03/2015
I bought these a long time ago. I had some choices to make that time. Will it be krk, something smaller or more expensive.

I did go for krk for several reasons. Other products where square, front sides made out of plastic. Imo you can hear the difference between plastic and wooden cases And the shape of the krk to prevent inside standing waves was a signal that krk did a good job.

They sound strong and present the music with passion but can over do it in the hi-end sometimes. I think This is due the fact that the drivers can't handle the Hi frequencies that are normal these days.

However, if you feed them analog waves from an analog mixer / recorder they feel right at home.

They are havy for their size and the sound is goes deeper then you would expect from such a small woofer.

They are no longer made but if you find the first series of the krok range on ebay or other online marketplace i will advice you to go and check them out. I know i will...

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ATC SCM20 Pro studio monitors released

Published on 09/02/14
ATC announces the availability of the second version of its SCM20ASL Pro active monitors as well as the SCM20PSL Pro passive edition.

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