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A review of Joey Sturgis Tones Finality Advanced limiter plug-in

Limiting Unlimited A track with too wide a dynamic range can cause problems when mixing. Rather than using automation to smooth out the levels, which is very time consuming, a compressor or limiter can do it for you automatically. The Finality Advanced limiter plug-in from Joey Sturgis Tones gives you a versatile tool set for taming dynamics, and it adds some pleasing sonic coloration, as well. read more…

A review of the FabFilter Pro-C 2 compressor plug-in

All Compressors to All People Do you know what ice cream and compressors have in common? Both are better when you have a choice of flavors. FabFilter’s new Pro C-2 is a veritable ice cream store of compression, offering eight different types, and just about every kind of parameter control you’ve ever seen in a compressor, and some you probably haven’t. read more…

A review of the new plug-ins in Universal Audio UAD 8.1.1 software

Another Three from UAD Universal Audio just released a new version of its software for Apollo and other UAD-2 devices. The release is highlighted by three new plug-ins, including spot-on emulations of the Neve 88RS Channel Strip Collection, the Tube Tech CL-1B Compressor, and the Marshall Plexi Super Lead 1959. read more…

User reviews on Dynamic Processor Software products

An excellent limiter that surpasses many others (ToneBoosters - TB Barricade 4)

By globutu, 16/03/2017
What configuration, software and musical style or context do you use with this plug-in? What do you think of its stability and overall performance?
Intel I5 4460, Presonus studio one 3
After 1 week testing it, no bug, a riduculously low CPU use (2%) compared with ozone 6 IRC 3 which takes up 25%, and a 3ms latency (Ozone IRC3’s latency is 167 ms)

Is the plug-in easy to use? Is the user manual comprehensive?
The plugin is very simple, the manual is OK

Is it efficient? Do its functionalities and features perform as expected?
That’s its biggest asset, especially considering its 30€ price tag.
Except for the realbuss I’ve never been a big tonebooster fan, I never quite liked their EQ, Isone… And with Barricade I couldn’t reach the results I got from an old PSP Xenon or Izotope Ozone.

But I must admit the dev has raised the quality of its limiter in this new version, it doesn’t pale in any way compared with the most expensive models (it’s almost the other way around).

I’ve owned a lot of VST limiters:
- AOM for one year
- IK Stealth, used at a coworker’s: it first comes with a WAHOOOOO factor, but after a few months on projects involving more complex limitations an in spite of keeping awesome punch, you can hear light saturations and it doesn’t please your ear as AOM does)
- Nugen, which I tried for a long while: it tends to have the sub frequencies disappear, apart from it it’s a good limiter
- Fabfilter Pro L: very nice GUI, but it tends to provide a “flat”, sometimes saturated sound
- Ozone 5 and 6 IRC3, which remains my favourite limiter, keeps the signal punchy but takes up a lot of CPU resource. It replaced the old PSP Xenon.
And many others…
But the Tonebooster’s V4 is very surprising, as for its consumption it provides a really great sound, and used in auto clean mode it almost doesn’t saturate at all on a drum loop which I use to test all limiters – a test which many of them fail.
Compared with the others, I’d put it in-between Ozone and Xenon.

What are the pros and cons of this plug-in?
+ ease of use
+ auto modes with the 4.1 update
+ its sound
+ CPU consumption
+ ergonomy
+ true peak , which certainly is the most efficient on all limiters
- lost options such as stereo link

(as for the compressor, I never understood why it was there)

Audio samples of limited loop in the media section (with Ozone used as a reference) at a 3dB reduction – which is not much.

My teacher said this would make the voice warm (Acustica Audio - Tan)

By maksim_liang, 27/03/2017
I haven't tried it yet, and now I'm trying to fill it all up for it
I haven't tried it yet, and now I'm trying to fill it all up for it
I haven't tried it yet, and now I'm trying to fill it all up for it
I haven't tried it yet, and now I'm trying to fill it all up for it

An excellent plugin!!! (SKnote - SDC - Stereo Double Compressor)

By LoEnzo, 19/10/2018
I’ve used SKnote's SDC for mastering purpose, it perfectly completes my previous plugin list.

I originally intended to buy UAD’s Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor, but the SKnote’s price aroused my interest... :-D

For a mere $29.99 (approximately €27), this plugins perfectly does the job, it’s good-looking, has a big GUI, very practical to use and remains in its competitor’s league.

Acustica Audio’s Aquamarine also emulates the same, but for $199!!!

I haven’t compare dit with UAD’s version yet, but at first sight (or hearing) both emulations resemble each other (I’ll give the UAD’s demo another try), though according to some review they remain under the real Shadow’s sound (which is quite reassuring in a way ;) ).

I like the Mid/Side settings which I find very practical, it remains transparent and brings the track a very pleasant dynamics!

Installation couldn’t be simpler – just copy a .dll to your VST foler and, voilà, no setup.exe or anything so everything is easily done.
Available in 32- and 64-bit versions, ready to be downloaded from your user account just after purchase.

Available for Mac... but not as an AAX, only VST !!!

Regarding the DSP, my PC is getting old (a Quad core 2.8 Ghz running Windows 7 64 bit), so it’s a bit heavy on the CPU!!!
Too bad that it comes without any preset, but you can save your own: I’ll have to try the UAD’s to see how they transpose.

I believe one shouldn’t spend that much into plugins, now that I’ve discovered SKnote I’m quite happuy that I have as they are a reliable developper.
A very good plugin by SKnote, I don’t regret buying it – especially considering the price!!!

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