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Behringer Saturation effects pedals

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Versatile and amazing sounding pedal. (Vintage Tube Monster VT999)

By guiltypassportradio, 06/05/2019
I have been a loyal user to this pedal since 2011, and i've been using it since then.
When i first tried, i did with the gear that was available in the store and it sounded good. Then i got home, tested with my gear, which were a Ampeg VT60 and a Fender Deville 212, with a Gibgon SG faded, and i was amused by the sound of it.
It has this powerful sound, with a lot of presence and can go from sutile overdrive, to a huge distortion.
Having a 3 knobs EQ is an advantage, that makes it versatile; Sweet spots are easier to find.
In a Span of 8 years, i think i have swapped the tube like 3 times, or 4 tops. The best one that has worked for me is the Tung-Sol.
This month, i tried to replace it with the Ibanez Tubeking TK999HT, which is not the direct clone of the one behringer was based on (Ibanez Tubeking TK999), and i thought it would be pretty close it, but no, they are completely different sounding.
TK999HT sounds too marshall, which is not bad, but not my cup of tea. Probably the TK999OD would sound more than the VT999. So, the VT999 will go back to the pedalboard and i will sell the TK999HT.

I have used this pedal with plenty of guitars, such as: Gibson SG faded, Epiphone DOT, Ibanez Artcore hollowbody, Fender Telecasters and Strats, Ibanez Jetking, Fender duo sonic, even with a jazz bass, and with every instrument, it sounds just fantastic.

- Pretty darn versatile. You can dial plenty of tones with it (3 EQ knobs!). From a light overdrive almost clean, to a punchy rock distortion.
- Noise gate is good to clean a little bit of noise. Also, the pedal itself is not noisy.

- Big Housing. It is just too big! If you open it, you will see that i could have been way smaller.
- Swapping the tube. Although is not as hard as replacing the tube like in the Ibanez TK999HT/OD, sometimes the pedal won't "detect" the tube placed in. It can be a pain.

A reissue of this one in a smaller housing would be just great!

the ultimate screamer boost +++ (Vintage Tube Overdrive TO800)

By infunity, 10/10/2014
replica of the reference to 95% of the Tube Screamer Ibanez, overdrive crying fun lol

Connections in / out 9v AC adapter


general configuration very simple again!

no manual useful ...


EFFECTIVE indeed! 9/10

What I am looking no doubt!

I use it in Boost for solos ET sharp rhythms for songs more "metal" along with the TO100.
This gives a power and clarity sound for solos, drooling and wishes for rhythm "metal" a stage further overdrive (coupled to TO100) approximating a heavy distortion!

Nickel 10/10


acquired in January 2014 by chance, the pedal is solid but cheap appearance.

Unbeatable value for money and how sufficient !!