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New modules in Slate Digital Everything Bundle

Slate Digital's Everything Bundle now includes the Eiosis Air and Earth modules for Virtual Mix Rack.

The new Air and Earth modules for VMR allow a modular use within Slate Digital's Virtual Mix Rack of the original Air and Earth filters from Eiosis' AirEQ plugin.

Holders of an active subscription to Slate's Everything Bundle (formerly called Mix/Master and Mix/Master/FX bundle) can download the Eiosis Air and Earth Modules for free right from the Gobbler app for Mac Users - or, if you are a Windows or Mac 10.7.5 or below user, the installer is available here.

Also, non-subscribers who happen to own a licence for Eiosis' full-product AirEQ will get these modules for free - all they have to do is download the latest VMR installer ( for either Windows or Mac) at this address.