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Excellent map - Reviews RME Audio HDSPe RayDAT

No analog / digital this. So no opinion on the quality of the converters. The key is that this card when inserted dan PCIe port the computer is forgotten. Never a crash, never a bug, drivers are made regularly by RME days. A routing (Cubase 5-7) perfect (Any input goes to any output).
With a 16in card / 16OUT on a Yamaha 01V I was wired 24-track 48 / 24bit. Well above my needs. I used little SP / Dif (suffisemment ADAT) but it worked perfectly. No stalling, no click ... well ... this card is the ultimate in digital communication. Only small bémo not possible to add Analog inputs (like a Jack module 8 inputs). Just add a card, for example 9652 or AIO