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Squier Telecaster Bass

Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster Bass Special

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Interesting but disappointing in some respects (Squier - Vintage Modified Telecaster Bass)

By Alcorine, 07/10/2012
Made in Indonesia, mic Duncan Precision Design 51-type switch with three positions as a good old Tele, one volume, one tone, a bridge to the old brass with two bridges (ie roots but at the same time that it must it takes to make vintage ...).

The maple neck with 21 frets with a relatively modern profile, this is not a baseball bat, the Telecaster body dimensions to that of a bass, not a chamfer on the stomach or cutting to the front arm.


The violin is pretty good, it's been a few years since we Squier regularly surprises with a finish very honorable for this price range. Varnish the handle (slightly tinted) makes it very pleasant, modern Precision regulars will find their marks.
The weight seemed quite reasonable, it is in the standard Fender bass. The overall ergonomics is also familiar access to acute ok but not exceptional. The three-position selector brings us back to the time of Esquire where from a single microphone is accessed three types of sounds: neck position tone with round cut center position with active tone, bridge position where the microphone goes off -phase for its free of frequencies (bass ticking sound). The controls are at your fingertips so well placed and easily manipulated like Tele (can include volume to work tremolo effects).


Clearly, Squier has opted to create an instrument that is not redundant with the P51 model, while advancing the legacy of Fender Esquire. So to summarize, but rather the thought Esquire format low. For a fan of Fender is a great idea for a bass player accustomed to standards and instruments may be less active we will see why.
The neck position selector takes us into the old Motown sound as burping and Fender '50s with his round a bit undefined but weigh in the mix, we can also consider forays into the world of reggae and pop. It is also a sound approach to his Gibson EB without the fat side of the humbucker for which he will instead turn to the model Telecaster Special.
Intermediate position, us back to his typical 51, a little harsh, aggressive look with a little drive, it is also more rock, more Precision and probably use it more because of the tone control allowing more precise chiseling sound.
The bridge position is a bet "missed" this low. Bet because Squier offers neither more nor less than to find the ticking specific bass Fender bass VI Baritone Danelectro and other highly leveraged to western sounds and lined by a Precision bass where. Missed because this setting causes a sudden loss of volume as without a boost pedal to rectify the situation, it is unusable live under threat of disappearing from radar screens. This is unfortunate because it is probably the fact that the potential difference with other Squier. Can both spend his classic country to a more coldwave way new order, closer to the high pitched the rickenbacker, but if they have at hand (or foot) which magnify the sound. So in the end, this feature of the Squier Telecaster is its Achilles heel. Shame ...


With a unique look at Fender (not in G & L or Schecter) is a bit of a fantasy that takes bass body: finally have the equivalent of that old tv low. And if the violin is quite acceptable, the audio portion is unbalanced which is a pity, especially as its price range makes an original and affordable with a strong vintage stamp which many will appreciate. I recommend to try it extended. Maybe we can turn to the luthier to correct its bp, or else the surprises ...

News Squier Telecaster Bass

New Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster Basses

Published on 08/24/12
Squier welcomes two new Vintage Modified Series models–the Vintage Modified Telecaster Bass and Vintage Modified Telecaster Bass Special.