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Squier Showmaster

Squier Showmaster HSS NLT

User reviews on Squier Showmaster products

really not bad (Squier - Showmaster HSS)

By oby-one33g, 01/02/2012
Manufacturing in Asia

22 frets (very very rare fender), rosewood handle
the wood is basswood, the neck and body.

type vibrato bridge has two screws (as if it was bought a floyd rose, gave a vibrato Stratocaster with a luthier)

configuration is HSS pickups, the neck pickup and bridge pickup is not bad but the microphone through lack of dynamism.

selector is a 5 position pickups, 2 knobs (1 volume, 1 tone)


the handle is nice

the body and handle are perfectly balanced, a guitar is quite light compared to my Epiphone LP.

access to acute easy


to me to play, it's a great guitar. I play Satriani, of Hendrix, Van Halen's ect ...
-For the neck pickup, the bass is good for playing Hendrix or Stevie Ray Vaughan
-For the bridge pickup to the Van Halen, Steve Vai or Satriani, not bad, it lacks some midrange but still really pretty

I play a lot no effect on a marshall amp MG30DFX (if it is with a dunlop cry baby, a MXR boost, overdrive, delay and reverb)

I use the amp for two settings are saturated
-Gain: 7 Bass: 8 Medium: 4 Treble: 4 Volume: 3 Short Delay: 3 (one of his close Satriani)
-Gain: 8 Bass: 8 Medium: 4 Treble: 6 Volume: 3 Reverb: 2 (sound similar to Van Halen)


for 6 months

yes, but on the ibanez

it lacks a push-pull to split the bridge pickup, too bad

or the price I had was more than interesting, but at the price or it can be found on the net like leboncoin is expensive.

Plug & Punk (Squier - Showmaster H Jimmy Shine SLE)

By overwatter, 16/12/2012
I found that there is very little advice and tests of this guitar on the net.
It was a limited edition "crafted in china"
You will also notice the pretty drawing Jimmy Shine itself! Slap it!

The body is basswood, not too heavy but provides good sustain.
The handle 24 boxes is maple and rosewood (I almost put stupidly "rosewood" ... should not always rely on reverso ^ ^ ').
Here there is a humbucker in the bridge position, and a volume knob.
The bridge is fixed and also provides a good sustain.


The guitar is super ergonomic, you can play sitting or standing without problem.
The handle is much better than the guitars I've tried in the same price range.
Easy access to the most acute boxes.
The head is reversed, which facilitates bends, it seems, I'm crazy rhino skin at your fingertips.


Much to be honest, the microphone is bad, it is feeble and sends at most matches ...
But it is clear that for the price, it is preventable.
Here the sound is not resolved on the guitar, it is better to guitar volume back and adjust the amp or pedal.
The guitar is doing really quite well in a punk-rock record.
you can even use it for metal.


Ultimately this guitar not discouraging me and allowed me to grow. This is all we ask for a guitar "novice" is not it?
Maybe we can improve the sound by replacing the microphone with another (secondhand it comes out for very cheap).

In retrospect, for the price, this is a very good option. It is better to start on a Jimmy shine on a guitar that has a bad vibrato and a handle rappeux.

Stonsou's review (Squier - Showmaster HSS)

By Stonsou, 04/08/2010
Manufactures in Asia!
Simple vibrato Squier in 22 Cases (rare among Stratocaster!)
HSS configuration is Humbucker, Single and simple.
Volume 1 General and 1 Tone Gnrale slecteur with 5 positions (H. H SS + S + S. S).
Micro okay for that price.


A tire information I have 6 years of guitar and my tastes guitar of matter are (Les Paul, Stratocaster) and brands (Fender, Duesenberg, Lag ...). I allow myself to give an opinion on this small guitar to Get You Started in music is nice!
For me, the handle is pleasant conditions polish lightly once or twice in order to improve your performance (I learned this maneuver in a guitar magazine !!!) Nevertheless the price is correct.
The access to acute is relatively simple (strat shape requires) and the advantage of this model is the 22 box that quickly bend the 21!
For sound I reversed the two single-coil pickups and it sounds dead for Rolling Stones! Finally you will without reversing the typical sounds of small fender priced version!
The vibrato is simple and allows for some effects trmolo Nevertheless this is not a Floyd Rose and I can not do Van Halen very long time =)


Best with this guitar is to play with:
To clean: Fender
For the crunch: Fender, Marshall
For distortion: Marshall, Hughes & Kettner
Nevertheless friends is a strat! Even if this price and this configuration is rather versatile it will not make esprer Mtal death or other billeveses! Blues, rock, reggae are being and will be chases autoriss of land by this guitar.
For my part I played on a Hughes & Kettner and Fender and G2 zoom and the result is nice.
The Blues: 9/10 with modification.
The Rock: 7/10
Reggae: 9/10
The Hard Rock 7/10.


I use it for 4 years, I had other guitars but it remains my first electric and more efficient !!!

Today I am rather Les Paul Nevertheless it is good to have for concerts or studio a little versatile guitar that can dpanner! Where to Get You Started, it's a good solution because given the versatility that price go ahead and try it!
Last a precision if I change is that I'm a little DIY and as after having bought I got pay another, I modified Squier without my mid-measures but now I regret only one thing: Do not have had rather!
One important thing: Always try your future guitar "piss off" sellers because you come back often without buying. Sr be much of choice.

liliths_knight's review (Squier - Showmaster HSS)

By liliths_knight, 18/09/2005
Made in Indonesia




Perfect for Mtal


2 years! I would do the same choice!