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Build rack ears? - forum Stand & Rack

Mackie Pro FX8?? Any ideas would be appreciated!:bravo:1 done
Sorry but what exactly is your question?

Just buying them?
I don't know what you question is..
Do you want tips on how to make them?

- Angelie
Hi. You hit the nail on the head! I'd like any tips on how to build one. Your picture is superb, btw.

My friend says: " if they got machinery to bend and cut metal sheets it is very easy "

Well he got a point there. You can do every thing if you got the equipment and the skills. Personally i think you better buy a pair and modify them. There are a few " ears " you can buy which are strong enough to hold your mixer.

- Angelie

Note: the picture show a model that is more like a bracket then ears.
It is build from one piece and the mixer is mounted on that.
Something like this
I like the "bracket" idea. Like Angelie says, it appears quite solid. I think I'll find someone to do the fab work, too.

Thanks for all the help folks:D::)