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User Review

jason8's review - Ibanez JEM555

This is a guitar that has the look, floyd Edge Pro II

it's a maple neck jem
the body is BASSWOOD


The handle is very nice, I must say that I've seen better from lag model Rockline light

we have a good position, even for acute

I personally find it so heavy that at least ca me it did not bother me dutout

then voila the sound is really good, I would say that one must have a good pedal set in advance to be able to find the sound of Mr vai

against by the harmonics fly alone.

one thing we regret is the violoning, not clear as soon as you turn the knobs on the ground that has already tremble when your guitar and master me this knob


Sound level when you put a delay on a jcm 800 one begins to steve vai even though it lacks the fishery sustain level I would say something is missing, we feel that the lack of fishing somewhere.

I play with sometimes a blackbox AmpliTube 2, GreenMachine, guitar rig 3,

the sound is clear is not bad but a bit flat if it is correct


it's been two months that I use I am very happy but it's true that I had no luck because when I got mine it was full of defects is quite rare but well
the floyd that goes wrong all alone all the time, I returned, I was waiting for another time when I speak.

otherwise it is a good guitar when it arrives in good condition, again I repeat c'es very rare so if you hesitate I advise you, it's still the foot.
as the previous opinions, I find it expensive compared to a 2550 model prestige hard but everything is good and then we want vai all p'tites flowers ....

yes I would do without hesitation that choice-check the guitar before.