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User Review

fifours's review - Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro

Well, that's a few days I have this headphone and it amazes me.

I compared it to my other Beyer and I admit that it is of absolute neutrality, never heard anything like this, everything is well balanced (low-mid-treble), precise, nuanced, fast, dynamic, and a good stereo and more.
If his play is special because it is dedicated to the sound engineer to detect the sibilants, hollow, redundancies, and parasites. Conversely it is not the most pleasant listening monitor, a little bass light is wanted not to interfere with the readability of mediums, and I say a little lighter because it goes down very low.

We must be careful about what you plug it because it does not disappoint, he said.
If your mix is ​​bad you will hear, if your stereo system or studio has faults you will hear it too. Do not forget that the headphone outputs are rarely perfect, they often have defects.
This means 880 sounds with my Onkyo DX706 and headphone and it sounds differently in my 3 amps headset and sounds great with my old Technics laser in which a friend had retouched the output stages (audio jack included) with condos 10fois bigger and oiled. A REGAL!

This Beyerdynamic DT880pro a faultless in his work, he analyzes everything that happens in the membranes, music, mix, and stuff of all kinds.
Its only flaw may be the price but worth it for zicos sharp.

ps: for a more detailed monitoring and also I recommend the DT990 2005 edition.