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User Review

Very good - Reviews Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro

here is two weeks I use this headset. acqurir before, I had a sony mdr 7506. I must say that these headphones sound good but the best for me, is the dfinitivement beyerdynamic. Why? nas not a "pro" in headphones, I'll try to say what I find better compared to sony.
- Robustness: when beyerdynamic is in our hands, and following a inspection, it says it can not hurt headset before storing DTRE KO
- Qualities of finishing: what about has it's assembled nikel and there is no false note.
- Weight: 5 hours of work with non-stop, and my head does not suffer. It leaves almost forget this. (FYI, I have short hair)
The ears do not suffer, and that's very good. (A note of all the same beyer is open and the sony is closed the comfort point of view, is not the same).
- I do not nattribue note of ten, because the velvet beyer around the ears is "hot" and make my ears sweat.
Turning now to the sound: all just very high (145 euro entry range).
- The treble and bass are very well restitus. the sound is clear and limpid for acute, severe down the very bottom frquence.
- The spatialization of this headset is impressive, better than the sony.
- THE BIG STRONG POINT: are you listening with beyer, will be the same on your speakers ... The neutrality of this headset is excellent and sounds "real". No need to change the headphone rglages was pregnant. Rsultat: Time to win and above all listening right.
- The sound is clear: reverbs are experienced and above all it costs them lengths, delay too. EQ, compression, spatial ... for me, it's a real monitoring headphones.
In conclusion:
Possder this headphone is to keep it. For this price, the qualities and sound hats. I think the 7506 is good too, but tired ears long (you'll say normal headphones close), but above all, does not return the "real" sound. So I am convinced by what has beyer for these velvet atrium (which must be pleasant in winter certainly ...)
PS: if you opt for the version 250 ohms, I would RECOMMENDED a small amplifier.