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University project studio $$grant$$ what to buy? - forum The Gentleman's Lounge

the music department at my school just got a $20,000 grant to build a small project studio.
we have two 14x20 ish rooms to use, no line of sight (yet). we can buy whatever we want but it has to use Pro Tools (LE or M-Powered).

our music department is mainly classical music with a new and growing jazz program. so mostly it will be used to record solo artists on symphonic and orchestral instruments and vocalists, as well as chamber ensembles and jazz ensembles. despite the classical conservatory I go to i want this studio rock band ready (that's what I do).

I'm looking for the computer/audio interface to do all the work, DSP monitoring etc...
we already have some powered monitors.
I want ATLEAST 12 mic preamps. preferably 16
I want a control surface so I don't have to mouse mix
I am only looking to spend MAX 13,000 on hardware and the rest for mics, furniture, and to make the room sound good.

It has to be simple so people with little audio background can maybe figure it out/remember how to run it.

I've been researching for a couple of days and this is what I have so far.
I would very much appreciate everyone's opinion and comments

dual 2.6 MAC G5
2 gb Ram (maybe 4?)
500 HDD I'll expand as needed.
dual wide screens (probably viewsonic or dell, mac too expensive)

two M-audio Delta 1010
Running Pro Tools M-Powered
Mackie MCU (control surface)

Other stuff
two M-Audio Octane pre amps
I might also get a small midi interface the Delta1010 has one but I'm afraid to slow it down by running too much through it.

that's really as far as I've gotten so far. Does anyone know about the Delta 1010 its kinda old I can't find any reviews for it that aren't 5+ years old. i don't want to have to be limited by my interface/computer on what I can do

all the other pro tool interfaces
should I swap out any gear? this stuff seems to do what I want for cheap, and still be decent. thoughts?
first of all, loose the delta1010.

with that money, get a fireface 800! (http://www.rme-audio…irewire/ff800.htm)

second, you don't actually need 2 screens (unless you plan recording for Universal), a 21' monitor is more than enough.
Can't do it. HAS to be Protools. believe me, if I had the option to use other DAWs I would.
It has to be M-audio or one of Digidesigns overpriced interfaces.

what about the M-audio Pro Fire LightBridge???

anyone have experience with it? I know nothing about ADAT or Lightpipe stuff.
the 32 channel I/O is appealing, but protools M-powered only supports up to 18 channels at a time.

protools with an m-audio interface is like a ferrari with square wheels...

if you are going to use protools, at least build a decent system. or get better quality for half the price with cubase.

Adats are good if you travel a lot. not your case.
If you consider getting cheap yet effective and reliable type of furniture, try this one http://www.javateako… they are offering furniture not only perfect for indoor but also for outdoor use.

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