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Comments about the review: Antelope Discrete 4 Synergy Core review - forum Antelope Audio Discrete 4 Synergy Core
About a year and a half ago, Antelope released the Discrete, a new range of
Thunderbolt & USB interfaces including discrete preamps, their famous FPGA
module as well as the stack of audio effects that would usually come with it.
Now back in June 2019, Antelope releases a new version of its Discrete 4, this time
providing dual DSP chips in addition to the FPGA. Marketing ploy or real step

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I read this review of the Antalope "Discrete 4 synergy core" interface. I think this interface seems to be really attractive in a lot of ways! Maybe Im wrong!? At least the hardware. From what I been reading about Antalope the downside is the drivers and reliability when it comes to updates for old models etc. dont know but that is what users seem to be not so satisfied with. At least some years ago. But. The benchmark numbers for SNR whas presented in the review, it did not seem so great, 93 dB? Maybe this is not a problem really and a good compromise from antalope? There is no report attached to the review so I cannot see the whole thing but the number is presented and in relation to some other interfaces that you have benchmarked in another review (for UAD Apoolo Twin mark II) the reaults for those are quite much better for SNR at least (all above 100 dB). Antelopes own spec, for Discrete 4 SC, is only for Dynamic range but they have stated it to be 121 dB which seems really good. Do you @AudioFanzine (or somenoe else) have any comment on the sound quality of the Discrete 4 and the SNR and DR, is it a noisy interface or can this be measured in a different way with different results? It was not really commented in the review that the SNR value was quite low so it got me a little confused. Would appreciate if you could comment on this, if possible, and maybe supply the full test report? Im not much of an expert so would appreciate to be enlighten a bit more!

Best regards!