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User Review

Berzin's review - Marshall 2061X

Two channels, one bass, a solo, two outputs hps, four knobs and four inputs, the popular galleys. All tube's true, as we like a Marshall, cbl point by point. This minimalist but very effective. For the weight is 10 kg. Not stand by ...


Very simple to use, both channels have a distinct stamp. One offers bass, treble another beautifully shiny. The equalizer is quite efficient, which is quite rare in Marshall, to be underlined. Note that when the Tone up the gain also increases. For example, 5 can have a clear, 9 there is a veil of crunch, without touching the volume. In the end of his race, Tone adds a bit of breath especially on the solo channel.


The sounds are famous. The clean sound is very nice, typical Marshall: darker than a Fender clean sound, but a little warmer and compress. Note that the really good Marshall sound good too clear. Thing that would tend to forget when we got to JCM900 DR and other misfires of the mark. Here, the sound is very dynamic. It does not crunch too quickly if we do not grow too much tone. The crunch is excellent. Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, AC / DC, anything goes. The power is ideal on stage, if that's too much for a house is in the group more relevant quen w 50-100 of 1987/1959. The sound is not quite at my Bogner, but it is very prs and is Lger displaces. I use a Start Plus, or Lp (58-56-Standard), sometimes with a 335. The sound delights me. It's simple and good! I also use a low, in a harmony. Channel bass takes on its meaning, a be regulated. The cabs are utiliss Bogner 4x10 with V30 or Hartke. I prefers a closed cab for rcuprer a bit of compression. It can be used with a router, to operate the two channels or bridged. S'amliore sound when you push the volume and beats hard ...


I bought second hand. I was looking for an amp easily displaces when I do not want to leave my Bogner. Marshall is the best I had, after you has a `Class 5, a JTM60 and especially a 900, which has the name of Marshall. It is not given but occasionally is fine. I especially love the sound and the compactness of the machine, its simplicity. on the other hand, an overdrive is not too much to operate and you have to like the single-channel ct. I would have liked a stand-by and more practical.