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the best of the series 900 - Reviews Marshall 2100 JCM900 Master Volume [1990-1992]

head 100 watts in pentode, triode 50 watt (thanks to the selector output)
4 el34
3 12AX7
effects loop with volume
8 April 16 ohm selector
2 output to cabinet
1 di
1 record output
2 LED lamps for status.
One guitar input 1 footswitch input
presence, middle bass, treble volume b volume, sensitivity and volume.


in fact c is a single channel with 2 Separate volume (or switch to) the interest of the latter is boosted volume for lead, c is very convenient if anything was reported, c is ultra simple and versatile enough levels of colors that can be obtained
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this amp is really built for rock and heavey (gain range from 0 to 20) ...
j says, the first gain (preamp volume called) ranges from 0 to 10 and works with 12ax7 (v1 in it seems) when the 2nd gain (called sensivity gain) ranges from 10 to 20 that will drive circuit (tube type screamer).
when we play a mix gains with values ​​differentez, we find all the legendary color of Marchoul. jtm 45 in the slp j usqu at 800 supercharged.
I possess also a jmp 2203, it almost sounds like the mojo and corones less, but it is in this line, nothing to do with the dual reverb or repugnents slx (whatever the slx is similar except for a lamp instead circuit and in 6550 instead of el34 put the sound is very byzarement chemical) short c is the worthy heir of 2203.
the only problem is that c must play strong enough to do grunt in triode (50 watts) from 6 to the master volume with the preamp (lamp) on 4 and 14 c of boost is very super lead ( ac dc let there be rock).
equa l is rather good, but I prefer to put everything at noon eq mxr kerry used a king in the loop.
moin quickly that it compresses a jmp that one or 800, it pulls 100watts serious, it is very right byzarement.
but what makes a great amp c is the cab you he stuck with a 4x12 marshall 70's mounted celestion black back (hard to find, I took a long time) it 's great the sound is very close to that of slash use your illusion of a good alternative to 2555slash that I have too, I know whereof I speak, with green back c is very vintage and hot, with v30 c is the sound of puppet master and van halen with a Hiwatt mounted fades and c strat is very hendix.


great amp very subtle finally the level of earnings, the only problem is that c must be strong enough to play that it can express itself as it deserves, I sound engineer and collector and I'm a fan of Marchoul, this one put on my ass a surprise.
and it must be pasted take good well as the effect on the front
in line with the jcm slash, JCM800 slx and a good alternative to slash example.
a j yes I forgot he did that was produced two years (1990-1992), thus becoming collector, I called the'll jcm 809 mkIII because it suffers from the bad reputation of the dual reverb, c is a JCM 800 boosted with different voicing.
here is my opinion and this reflects differ slightly from your c after all, is a story of sensations.
But I like