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User Review

no comment ... - Reviews Marshall 2204 JCM800 Master Volume Lead [1981-1989]

the basis it was a combo jcm 4010 1981 I turned the head so it became a jcm 2204.
50 W lamps.
low input for not very clear sound and high entry for the famous distortion.
no loop or reverb so not much that can disturb the sound between the guitar and HP.


super simple you plug a good guitar and you play. not 36 settings because there are very few knobs. volume plays a lot on the overall sound balance.
I still're avoiding putting too much treble and midrange presence if not the ears bleed.


being a fan of ACDC I had to find me a Gibson SG and this amp.
put a red bermuda, curl your hair, take a sg close your eyes and play back in black. we really believe it ....

with a telecaster is the same thing we begin to John Frusciante RED HOT or
Tom Morello of Rage AGAIN THE MACHINE.
I simply very nearly the sound of my favorite bands.

I have some pedals underfoot. strangely I do not use the distortion marshall because this head with only channel and at times playing in the clear I had to stick a black star overdrive pedal that I love for distortion.

it is difficult to explain in words ca so the best is to listen to a small demo of the sound that comes out.

this demo I pass by a whawha and I go live on the high input of the amp and I out on an orange PPC212 cabinet


I had and tried a few brands and Marshall lamps.
but I missed the sound I heard on some albums that I had at home.
if it were to burn either I find myself another or I takes me an orange in head that sounds in the same vein as the old Marshall MARSHALL remain for me the ITS.