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User Review

Keep it! - Reviews Mesa Boogie Studio Preamp

v / other opinions. one note: set properly, you really 2 channels, 5 band EQ and can even serve as a boost for solos.


quality: you can almost do everything.
his absence: you can almost do anything!
therefore, it must be tamed. By dint of the "toss" it eventually becomes familiar, and then it becomes a giant. When it is at the point where we know what knobs to turn and how to turn them instantly switch to Fender Marshall Vox in Orange, the clinical clean clean to Keith, the thicker the hard way Gimme Shelter Rock 80 ' from flapping in drooling, Brian May to Santana to Knopfler to Jazz to Funk ..... etc ... not throw away!

basically, it is demanding, very sensitive, sometimes surprising (but if I talk about a preamp ...), but absolutely fabulous in terms of sound quality. And, I believe, it's still a bit like that on purpose, right?

So no, at first you do not get a good sound easily ... but if you made the effort, and we have a little patience, the end result is much easier sounds most excellent.

I will say though that I renewed the lamps, and took the opportunity to change the way. (Except the reverb) for four "V", I have 3x the JJ and EH (in V2, I believe). it works more than well. The DD are super clean, dynamic, and very transparent. The EH just adds what is lacking in JJ gain and tasty. Paradise!


v / use point. I think that a few extreme styles today, it may be suitable for all. And always at a level at least enviable.
And even for the most trash sounds, I would not be surprised that he put the lamps with more gain, you get there too. (The 4 tubes are still in series when you're on the lead channel).

another great point: it has two outputs compensated for registration (see his name ...) and they are OK.
plugged directly into monitors, frankly it sounds super good. (Gender: Line 6 or Digitech, there zon memories and bad effects, fortunately for them, because in "side by side" they can sound artificial, small, and yet ... only, I found digitech RP series a lot before ...)


I do not put still not perfect, given the side "features", obviously overwhelmed by the monsters current programs. Still, this stuff sounds, and sounds. but mostly, it has the sound. one that makes you want to play again and again, just for the pleasure of hearing what comes out ...

value: bought used for approx. € 320, given the sound quality, I consider it the deal of the century.
(Always for the same reason: when you get used to, will try to 15W heads ... you spend € 700 for the guy blazed, but it's not your fault, you hear the per ... n difference ...!)

my opinion is not objective, and I do not even try. This preamp is part of this rare and valuable category for this, the widgets we begin to love us for what they do: fun to play! And that's the cake, the rest is that of the chantilly ...

hence the conclusion: if you have one, keep, no matter what. Because otherwise you will regret it, or you will end up looking for another ...